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Mix 'n Match in March

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march 2011 newsletter

This is the first newsletter where I’ve been able to add a short 'welcome' video.  If the video or pictures aren't immediately displayed in this email, click the link at the top of the email (most of the time this option is directly below the 'Subject line') to Download Pictures. I’d like to say an actual video ‘hello’ to each and every one of you.  The video is directly below.

What' New?


Mix 'n Match your SFD Kits

Let’s take a look at what you can do.  For instance, you want to design a blouse with a collar on it.  The Dress Kit gives instructions for how to draw various collars, however, another option is to use the collar pattern pieces from either the Shirt or Children’s Kit.  In these kits, you’ll find collar stands that can be used as Mandarin collars, or as stands for shirt-style of collars.  Additionally, the Children’s Kit has lapel and flat collars.  The only aspect to keep in mind when transferring any pattern piece from one kit to another is, that the stitching lines – where the two pieces are going to join together – must be the same length.



the Children's Kit

Delving down a little further in the Children’s Kit, you’ll find drawing instructions for a girl’s Wrap Skirt.  Whether it is for a child or adult, the process of designing this feature is the same - just simply use your adult skirt pattern where the illustration is showing the girl’s skirt pattern.   

And if you want a real comfortable pair of pants that are quick and easy to sew, follow the directions in the Children’s Kit for the One-Piece style pant (no side seam) found on page 18.  If one-piece jumpsuits ever come back into fashion, you’ll find those directions on page 19.  Robes for both boy’s and girl’s can be easily turned into robes for men and women – it’s simply a matter of using your adult pattern and following the designing directions.

Take Photos...

Make sure to take photos of your projects and send them and your comments along to me.  I'd love to add them to the Customer Comments.


Skype Address:

Remember, you can always Skype me with any questions...I'm here...and always happy to help! Skype address. This is going to make it so much easier for me to actually ‘see’ some of the questions you might have. 

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Happy Sewing...


'Just use Sure-Fit Designs
and be Sure of the Fit!'


Sure-Fit Designs



Video Welcome


First, download the images within this email. (Or you can click directly within the box above.) Then, when you click the forward arrow it will open up a new screen.  Click the arrow again and let the video load.  It will then begin playing.  When done, click the 'X' to close the screen - you will be returned to this email message.


Maximizing your SFD Kits

Many of you have chosen the Works Combo, knowing that it’s going to benefit your entire family’s clothing needs.  Some of our new members asked how best to maximize and mix ‘n match their fitting and designing kits and to really be creative with the Works.  As a result, this newsletter will primarily focus on this topic – how to make the most use of your kits.

Always keep in mind that each kit is a ‘stand alone’ kit.  As an example, if you only have the Dress or Pants Kit, you will find all the information you require to achieve a personalized fit – your body blueprint.  However, there are many elements, instructions and pattern pieces that you will be able to mix and match offering maximum flexibility for design and usage of the Sure-Fit Designs™ pattern fitting and making system.


the (Uni-Sex) Shirt Kit

This functional kit not only gives you ladies the ‘dartless’ style of shirt, but can be used effectively in conjunction with your Dress Kit.  Take the SKIRT pattern from your Dress Kit – join the waist line from the Skirt to the waist line of the Shirt to easily create a comfortable Shirt-waist style of dress.

Additionally, the Shirt pattern collar pieces can be used in tandem with your Dress Kit bodice.  Just ensure that the neck and collar stitching lines are the same length.


the Men's Pants Instructional Pkg

The Men’s Pants Designs Package also offers mix ‘n match capabilities.  On page 10 and 11, you’ll find tailoring tips and techniques for Men’s pants, but they are also techniques you can apply to your lady’s pants.  The most functional and useful pocket instructions are given for the wedge-angled pocket.  I’ve also just recently added the video to the website on how to do this.  To see how,check out

Children & Men's Pants Videos.   

March 'Mix 'n Match' Web Site Special

In keeping with the focus of this newsletter, the current special is this.  If you would like to add the Children’s and Men’s Package to your fitting & sewiing supplies – buy the Children’s Kit and receive the Men’s Pants Instructional Package at a 65% discount

To receive this special, it must be ordered from the Specials page on the SFD website.


New Videos

SFD Pants PatternReview

March Special

New videos have been added to the Sure-Fit Designs website. These videos are intended to give you a clear understanding of how the system works and what you can do with your 'body blueprint' (sloper).


SFD How-To Videos


The newest videos are:

** Designing a Princess Line and

**Understanding & Identifying Design Details.

They can be viewed at:

Dress Videos Drawing & Designing


See Links Above.

A Customer Comment...

I recently became acquainted with Sure-Fit Designs.  When I went to the website, I was DELIGHTED to find lots of free videos with a very nice lady demonstrating the fitting system....


The process to prepare my pattern was fun, but the best part is that thanks to this amazing system, the crotch turned out perfectly.  Not too low or high - just right.  I'm thrilled with the way the pants fit!


Read the entire review and more customer feedback about Sure-Fit Designs.

Click Here.

March 'Mix 'n Match Special

Add the Children's Kit and Men's Pant Package for only $35.00 plus Shipping & Handling.  To receive this Special, it must be ordered from the Specials page.


 Specials page 



See Link Above.