Subject: Sure-Fit Designs Account & Login Information - Update - Please Read!!

Our recent Customer Appreciation Gift required you to set up an account with Sure-Fit Designs.  This confused a few customers...please let me explain.
Were you confused?  Sure-Fit Designs websites explained...

When some of you went to access the recent Customer Appreciation Gift for the High Cowl Neck/Split Sleeve digital Fashion Leaflet, many of you got your email and login information confused with the site.

Let me explain...
There seems to be a fair bit of customer confusion with my sites.
There are 3 websites:
1. - where you purchase your SFD Kits & Tools and where you previously were not required to set up an account - however this was recently changed and now anyone who purchases anything or even in the case of this free gift, will need to set up an account.  Previously, when you ordered from this site you were not required to have an account.  You could also sign up for the SFD newsletter from this site, but the newsletter has nothing to do with setting up a purchasing account.
2. - houses all our free videos and articles - it's our resource center and is free to everyone.  From there you could also sign up for the newsletter - which is the same newsletter you've always received and has nothing to do with your (new) account at the Sure-Fit Designs store.
3. – this site houses all our streaming video, Sew Alongs and Design Alongs.  If you have previously used this site, you were required to set up an account therefore you will have a pre-existing account with username and password.  Many customers thought their username/password from this site would log them in to - this is not the case.

Pay with credit cards saved to your profile or choose your PayPal account. Auto-fill address details.

See what you've previously ordered (as of your most current order). Easily track your orders.  Quickly re-order past purchases.

If you choose 'remember login & password' details - never struggle with login again. Future easy access is now available.
Customer Appreciation Gift - High Cowl Neck Fashion Leaflet
Did you miss downloading your free Customer Appreciation Gift?  It is still available through July 12, 2018.
You'll love this new digital Fashion Leaflet - the High Cowl Neck with Split/Shirred Sleeve - kind of a 'cold shoulder' - and all designed with your SFD Dress Kit bodice blueprint.
If you sew...If you want your patterns to fit!
Glenda's going to the UK.  If you happen to be in the UK on Sept 15 and would like to meet 'Glenda the Good Stitch', don't miss your opportunity.  Easy to access Birmingham location.

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