Subject: Shirt Success 🤔Got ?'s for Glenda the Good Stitch - broadcast coming soon

Shirt Success Broadcast Event with Sure-Fit Designs
Got Shirt Questions for Glenda the Good Stitch?
It's coming up just a few days we'll be together in the
Shirt Success broadcast event!
Do you have a shirt fitting, drawing or designing question you'd like Glenda to answer during the Q&A?
Please put 'Shirt Question' in the Subject line and ask it HERE
Broadcast Preparation Details
** Make sure to mark your calendar with date and time.  In the USA & Canada, your broadcast begins at:
1PM (Pacific)
2PM (Mountain)
3PM (Central)
4PM (Eastern)
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early...just to make sure your YouTube connection is working and you're all settled.  We'll begin promptly at the top of the hour!

** Your private YouTube viewing link will be emailed to you Friday, Sept. 17 - watch your emails for this notification.

** In preparation for this shirt event, please watch the YouTube video "How to Measure for Shirts" (Click Here)

**  Designing invitation!  Be ready to join Glenda the Good Stitch in your hands-on designing lesson - the Casual Swing Jacket.
Required supplies:
1. Casual Swing Jacket Fashion Leaflet (Click Here)
2. 1/2 scale Shirt Patterns (Click Here)
3. Designing Stylus
4. Designer's Companion
5. Ruler/Line Drafter
6. Tracing Vellum
7. Paper Scissors
8. Pencils & Erasure
9. Removable Tape

Join Glenda the Good Stitch on
Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021
(Around the world-broadcast times/details- Click here)
Let's Talk Fitting Success with the SFD Shirt Kit!
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