September 2020 Sew & Tell Inspiration - Sure-Fit Designs

August 30th, 2020 at 9:49 am MDT
Sew and Tell 2020
September Project Inspiration
Woven Jogger Pants
Hi everyone,
You have registered and downloaded the Sure-Fit Designs Sew and Tell 2020 Project Planner.
Now...what are you going to sew for September...which happens to be National Sewing Month?

Every month, to jump-start your creative juices, I am sending you a suggested garment idea.  I recommend the project as well as the SFD Kit required for the project.  If you don't already have the required items, I'll be offering you a special discount to obtain them...which is just one more benefit of being involved.  And of course, if you prefer to make a different garment style that is your choice and absolutely fine.  We just want you sewing and having fun with your Sure-Fit Designs patterns.

For September, I recommend Woven Joggers.  The instruction for this pants design is found as a downloadable Fashion Leaflet and uses the SFD Pants Kit.

**As a Sew and Tell member, you will be receiving exclusive discount offers.  National Sewing Month (Sept) specials:

SAVE 50% - If you haven't yet purchased the Woven Joggers Fashion Leaflet - Click Here.  It's regularly $5.99, but for all Sew and Tell members, during the month of March, you can save a 50% discount  - just enter Coupon Code 'WJ50'.  

PANTS KIT SPECIAL - SAVE 10% - If you don't yet own the SFD Pants Kit, you can get it now and save 10% - just enter Discount Code 'PTK10' (expires Sept. 30, 2020)
Then once your September project is completed, make sure to post a photo of it on you in either our Facebook group, Instagram or Pinterest page.  Include your unique ID# and our hashtag #sewandtell2020 to enter for our monthly random winner drawing. 

Whatever your September sewing project is, have fun and enjoy the process.
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