Subject: SFD Sew and Tell 2019 Invitation Announcement

The 2018 SFD Sewing & Design Challenge is morphing into
'Sew and Tell 2019'
You all joined the 2018 SFD Sewing and Design Challenge...and a HUGE thank you to all of you who participated.
The title with the word 'Challenge' was difficult for some of our SFD newbies as they didn't think they were ready for a 'challenge'.
Therefore as we move forward to the New Year, it has now been renamed 'Sew and Tell 2019'.  We hope to have even more who participate.  Everyone loved seeing your makes.  You've been a great inspiration for others.

**You need to re-register and you will be issued a new ID#, so please hop on over to the new registration page and sign up.
We would love to have you continue to participate and get the new 2019 sewing Project Planner.
 Your 2019 unique ID# will be sent to you.
Our new hashtag will be #sewandtell2019
and learn more about the Sew and Tell 2019 Invitation & the Project Planner
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