Subject: SFD-Live Chat REMINDER


Sure-Fit Designs™  Live Chat REMINDER

Anniversary Chat with Glenda - Sure-Fit Designs

Today - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time: 5PM (PST - Pacific Standard Time - west coast USA)  
[USA: 7PM (CST)  8PM (EST) ]

For our Sewing Friends around the world, please do a quick Internet search for what the corresponding time will be in your country or check the World Time Clock.

Instructions -

...a few minutes ahead of time... 

1. Go to

2. Java Software required! - You must have Java software on your computer for this Chat software to work.  If you don't already have Java, you'll see a message and a link taking you to where you'll be able to download it.  Please allow extra time for this.

3. Unique Username Required. The Chat window is in the gray window in the middle of the page.  When this page opens up for you, please enter your name (first name is just fine). Then I'll know who I'm speaking to.  But if more than one of you has the same name, you'll receive a message that says that Username is already taken.  Please just add a number to the end of your name to create a  unique username.  (e.g. Susan, Susan1, Susan2, Susan3).  Then click the 'Connect' button.  You'll be taken into the 'Lobby" and receive my welcome.

FYI - During the chat, if you leave the Live Chat page to view other pages in the site, you will likely need to re-enter your name and connect again.


4. **Please arrive a few minutes ahead of time.  There are 100 connections available.  If you have registered and are not able to get in, please accept my apology.  Remember that the Chat Transcript will be posted within 2 - 3 days. 


5. Specific Questions? -   If you have specific questions you'd like answered about fitting, designing or sewing with Sure-Fit Designs, please email them to me in advance.  This will simply give me an idea of what your needs and issues are.  Email Glenda

I've already received a few questions - thank you to those who have sent their questions.  Please take a few moments to email your specific question (if you have one).


6. This Live Chat is NOT a moderated event. - This means that it's only me fielding the questions.  Please be patient as I answer you (fast typing and spelling mistakes notwithstanding), and if I miss a question or two - I'll apologize ahead of time!


7. Transcript. - This will be posted on my website. I'll let you know the online page for reading this transcript.  Since I don't want to inundate anyone with excessive email announcements, this transcript link will be posted in the March SFD newsletter, which will come out within a few days.


Thanks so much for joining me.  I know we will have a lively discussion about fitting and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs.


P.S. We have sewing friends from literally all over the world joining us tonight!  Isn't this Internet capability fantastic?

Go to


Talk to you soon…and Happy Sewing!


Glenda Sparling
President Ranita Corporation/Sure-Fit Designs™
Web site:
Ph#: (541) 344-0422
"Use Sure-Fit Designs™ and be Sure of the Fit!"