Reminder-Beyond Bodice Basics-Intro Special ends Jan. 15

January 9th, 2012 at 1:01 am EDT

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Beyond Bodice Basics
...Introductory Special Good until Jan. 15!


Sure-Fit Designs
'Beyond Bodice Basics' 

Introductory Special is over as of 01/15/2012

It's finally completed!  You've all been waiting for this new SFD Dress/Bodice designing book.
  • 28 pages
  • Plus...2 hr. how-to DVD included

Beyond Bodice Basics

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REMINDER...Introductory Special for Beyond Bodice Basics ends Jan. 15, 2012

In case you did not see this announcement which was sent out the last week of December...I wanted to give you one last opportunity to purchase this new dress/bodice designing book - called Beyond Bodice Basics.

Click on the center of the above video to listen to a brief announcement about Beyond Bodice Basics. Take advantage of this Introductory Special. 

For  book and DVD details and for the ordering information please click here:  Beyond Bodice Basics to read more.


Introductory Special

Regular price $27.95

Pre-order special $21.95 + S&H

Offer Good Until - January 15, 2012

Click here:  Beyond Bodice Basics to order your copy today.


Augments SFD Dress Kit Instruction Book

Beyond Bodice Basics is an all new dress/bodice design book that is an addition to your current SFD Dress Kit.  You will use your body blueprint from the Bodice/Skirt & Sleeve master patterns.  This design book does not replace the current Dress Kit Instruction Book. 

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Make sure you download the images within this email notice - you'll see the cover of this new dress/bodice design book.  Then click on the 'more' link, which will take you to the web page where you can watch a short video introduction. MORE

Short Introductory Video

Watch the short introductory video for Beyond Bodice Basics.  Due to the large file size, this video is found in the website. Click on this link to watch -

What's inside?

28 pg. book with 7 new dress/bodice styles:

1: Empire w/Crossover Bodice

2: Empire w/Princess Lines

3: Cowl Neck Blouse - Variations 1 & 2

4: Comfy Cardigan w/ Diagonal Hem

5: Bolero Jacket - Variations 1 & 2

**Plus every book includes a
2-hr. Instructional DVD!

Introductory Offer - Pre-Order Special

Limited Time -

Offer ends - January 15, 2012

Regular price $27.95

Pre-order special $21.95 + S&H
Please click here:  Beyond Bodice Basics to order your copy today.

PS...Spread the Word

If you belong to a sewing group or online sewing forum, please let your sewing friends know of this new dress & bodice designing book - Beyond Bodice Basics.  Thank you - Glenda