Subject: Oct. News - Add Leggings to your SFD wardrobe

Sure-Fit Designs October Newsletter
Designing Instructions
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Leggings...for all occasions...for all ages...for all seasons! 
Many of you have requested how to design and sew leggings with your SFD Pants it is!

When you design/draw your leggings pattern with your Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit pattern, you can be assured of excellent fit.

These instructions teach you about working with two-way versus one-way stretch knit and give you directions for that center back leg seam which fits so well and flatters the body.

Design and sew Leggings with your flexible Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit.
Make sure you check out how to design and sew comfortable, well-fitting leggings with your Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit.

...includes complete designing and sewing construction steps.
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Two-Way Stretch Leggings
for Fashion
...for all occasions!
Layered tops with the appropriate length will create stunning and fashionable looks for the savvy home sewist.
SFD Leggings »
One-Way Stretch Leggings
for Casual Day Wear
...for all ages!
Casual, comfortable, yet stylish and excellent fitting.  Use your SFD Pants pattern to create fitted leggings with a flared hem.  See how to create the well-fitting two-part center back and front leg seam.
SFD Leggings »
Two-Way Stretch Leggings for Gym Wear
...for all seasons!
Heading to the gym or out for your daily walk?  Be totally comfortable in your SFD leggings.  Designed and sewn in cotton/lycra, you'll experience exceptional comfort when you sew them from your SFD Pants Kit.
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