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Sure-Fit Designs is expanding to provide you better services and options. We are now able to offer you with a streaming video version of (most) all of our instructional DVD tutorials quickly & easily.  What does this mean?  For those of you who don't have DVD players, or don't have a convenient DVD player in your sewing space, or only use your smart phone or tablet to watch video lessons, Sure-Fit Designs is now providing a streaming video version of our most popular DVD tutorials.

In the comfort of your sewing space watch, fit, sew, learn for a lifetime!
The following now are being offered as online video courses:
This introductory How-To DVD is included in all the SFD Combos and will give you the necessary steps for drawing the Dress, Pants, Shirt & Children's Kit patterns.
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Go totally in-depth with this detailed Bodice Fitting Course.  See drawing, cutting, sewing, testing the fit, refining fitting issues and designing with your pattern.
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You'll find very detailed, in-depth pants fitting, drawing, sewing and fitting details with these video lessons. Additionally you'll receive a 30 min. Skype with Glenda to get you on the right track.
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The new SFD Shirt Kit (as of 2015) is totally detailed in these video lessons - measuring, drawing, sewing, fitting and designing.  This course is totally detailed and comprehensive.
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Everyone wants to know how to fit their commercial patterns with their Sure-Fit Designs body blueprint.  These video lessons teach just that - 3 bodices, 2 pants and 1 shirt pattern are demonstrated.
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Now that you have your personal pants blueprint finished, what better way to design with it - make well-fitting jeans! You'll specific drawing details, how to sew and test the fit, and how to design the tummy-tucking stabilizing pocket. You'll love it!
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Here's the all new software platform for our SFD Sew Alongs! When you purchase this course, your access lasts a lifetime - no need to renew every year.  Now our much-loved Go Everywhere Shirt is available.
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Yup!  This Sew Along is now housed in its new home!  You still get lifetime access when you enroll in this Sew Along.  You'll be drawing the Dolman sleeve along with a concealed-in-the-seam bust dart.  I know you'll enjoy this one!
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How to get started - follow these easy steps:

1.    If you purchase a physical DVD from Sure-Fit Designs (and you pay to have it shipped to you), you will receive a personal thank you email from me (Glenda the Good Stitch) which will give you a unique 100% Discount Code for that specific DVD. 
2.    You will then need to register at our new online platform - (a new Sure-Fit Designs website).  Create a personal username and password. 
3.    Then for whichever DVD you have purchased, you can enroll (as if you were purchasing the online version) but just before the final checkout, you will have the opportunity to enter your 100% Discount Code giving you totally free access to the video lessons for the physical DVD that you've just purchased. 
4.    If you don’t want to purchase the physical DVD because you prefer to purchase the online streaming video option only, set up your account (step 2 above), choose the video course you want, then proceed through checkout.

And, if you do want just the streaming video option, as my gift to you to get you started, be my guest to 'take10' - Just use this discount coupon code when you choose your first course and you'll receive a 10% discount.  You simply need to register with a unique username and password - then choose your course.
Use '
take10' at check out.  Once purchased your online access lasts a lifetime!

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