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Sure-Fit Designs
Phone Orders & Lay-away

Sure-Fit Designs is now able to take Phone Orders!

As some of you are aware, there wasn't going to be more newsletters or announcements until November...but this is such good news that I couldn't wait to tell you!

New Ordering Features:
1. Ordering Sure-Fit Designs by phone and,
2. Lay-away plans are now available.

(PS - make sure to download the accompanying images)

Phone Ordering Option - Now Available!

Give SFD a call to place your Order!


Some of you have called and would prefer to place your Sure-Fit Designs order by telephone rather than over the Internet.  The good news is that this option is now available

Call 541-344-0422

This is an Oregon (USA) phone number.  Oregon is located on the west coast and therefore is in the Pacific Time zone.  Please be aware of this when calling from other parts of the world.


Christmas is Coming!

Lay-Away Option!

A few of you have asked for a Lay-Away purchase option.  This is also NOW available.

For either a 3-Kit Combo or the Works Combo, we can structure a Lay-Away plan suited to your needs.

Please email Glenda or call 541-344-0422 to discuss your purchase and payment options.


Concise Ordering Information

Additionally there is a new page - Ordering Information - that will answer (most of) your questions about ordering Sure-Fit Designs fitting kits and tools.  Please click this link for info.

Contact us:

Sure-Fit Designs





Well...we might not be open 24/7, but you will get personalized service, a chance to talk to Glenda, and your order generally ships within 24 hours.

Call 541-344-0422

International Ordering Instructions Video

Watch the short introductory video for placing orders from international destinations.    Click here to watch.

For these international destinations:
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
S.E. Asia
and any other Pacific Rim countries - the postage rate is all very similar.  Please use the special ordering page set up to place your order.  The final price INCLUDES the Shipping & Handling.

For Canadians - please use this link.

Paypal Online Guest Services

When choosing to order online, your order will be processed through  They have been in business for 17 years.  They can have 'issues' like any other online service, but we've been with them since their inception and have found them to be one of the most reliable bank processors.

If you have a Paypal account - great!  But that's not necessary, as Paypal now allows you Guest Purchases (up to a specific $ limit), without asking you to set up an account.  This is one more PLUS for this efficient and safe online service.

But if you do choose to order by know that this option is now available when ordering from Sure-Fit Designs.

Happy Fitting & Sewing!