Subject: Meet SFD Designers + New Help Articles

Kiya Tomlin
Pittsburg, PA USA
Who is sewing with Sure-Fit Designs?  Designers from both sides of the globe.

SFD provides the quickest and best fit possible when designing for clients.  Measure - connect the dots - result: the body blueprint - ready for transforming into the fashion design.

See Kiya Tomlin's designs in the Customer Photo Gallery.
Susan Schulz
Melbourne, Australia
Couture designer & sewing instructor, Sue Schulz from Magnolia Moda in Australia, uses the SFD Dress Kit to create the customer's personal fit before creating the finished design.  It's so much faster and easier than drafting the block from scratch.  See more of Sue's custom designs in the Customer Photo Gallery
New Sure-Fit Designs Articles & Video:
There's always something new happening at Sure-Fit Designs.  This month, check out the 4 latest articles & video: Sewing Construction Help Part 1 & 2 --- Best fitting Skirt Darts ---
Help! My Pattern Doesn't Fit - How to Check the Pattern for Accuracy.

How do I sew it together?
Part 1
  I'm so often asked if Sure-Fit Designs provides sewing instruction steps.  The good news is - the answer is YES!

  Even though SFD is primarily a fitting and designing system, there are specific sewing steps provided in all kits and books.  This article shows you where and what is offered.
How do I sew it together?
Part 2
  When you need help to sew your project together, the helpful steps in this article will provide a logical sequence that can be used for sewing many different styles of garments together.

 This is a great tool not only for beginner sewists but also as a reminder for the more advanced sewist.
Dealing with the Skirt Darts
Another helpful SFD article...

  Are you straight, heart or diamond shaped?  Do you have prominent hip bones?

  Learn how to change the dart shape to suit your body shape. And if you really want to remove the dart, see this easy process.

  Get the best fit possible with the Skirt from the SFD Dress Kit.
New Video & Article:
Help!  My Pattern Doesn't Fit
   When you think your pattern doesn't fit, please double check these variables first.

  Many factors can affect the result from measuring to stitching.

  Watch this video and read the article to see what to check.
New Leaflet:  Leggings from the Pants Kit
If you're new to Sure-Fit Designs and missed the October newsletter, then you missed the announcement about the new Fashion Leaflet - How to Design and Sew Leggings with your SFD Pants pattern.

It is available as a quick and easy download.  Just click on the following link to obtain your copy of the SFD Leggings.  Get your Leggings Instructions »