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Sure-Fit Designs
Pants Perfection Broadcast
now available!
By Popular Demand...
We have had many requests to make the replay of our March 20 Pants Perfection broadcast available on a permanent basis. 

As you know, this broadcast was originally available only on our private YouTube channel.  It was taken 'down' on April 30.

But since we've had so many customer requests...'please can you make it available once again?'...we have gone to the time, effort and expense of segmenting the broadcast into 5 Parts making it easily accessible and viewable in bite size chunks.  It is now online and available in our Academy -
One-time purchase $19.95
Taking advantage of this offer means:
  •    $19.95 gives you lifelong access to the broadcast lessons
  •    participation Gift #1: the Pull-on Pants Design & Sew Along    ($10.95 value)
  •    participation Gift #2: Woven Joggers Digital Fashion Leaflet ($5.99 value)
  •    participation Gift #3: Pants Designs Styles Guide
  •    stop & start the videos as many times as you want while you   follow along drawing your personal pants pattern.
  •    if questions the Academy, there is an interface to ask your questions.
Our lessons have been proven to help our students achieve the best fitting pants...
The outcome?...your personal pants blueprint & confidence to make design changes that suit your lifestyle.
Ready to participate? Just click the 'Join' link below. Receive your lifetime access to the Pants Perfection broadcast for only $19.95.
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