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When you purchase a Regular Kit Combo or a 3-Kit Combo, you'll receive the streaming video version of the accompanying Fitting intensive DVD course totally free.  This represents up to a $185.85 savings depending on the Combo you choose.  See discounted Combo choices below.  
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Regular Pants Kit Combo ($116.95) then receive the Pants Fitting Course
streaming video version FREE
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Regular Dress Kit Combo ($126.95) then receive the Bodice Fitting Course
streaming video version
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Regular Shirt Kit Combo ($114.95) then receive the Shirt Fitting Course
streaming video version
(Reg. $49.95 - now Free - Save $49.95)

If you purchase the
3-Kit Combo ($244.95), then receive all 3 Fitting Courses FREE
**Pants Fitting Course
**Bodice Fitting Course
**Shirt Fitting Course.
(Reg. 189.85 - now SAVE $189.85).
Participating International Distributors
Simply order the Combo of your choice from their website - your distributor will provide the streaming video discount code for you.
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UK/Ireland/EU, go to Contact Judith Johnson:
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If you're in the
South Africa, go to Contact Elsabe Hurn:
If you're in the
Canada, go to Contact Anna Espindola:
If you're in the Australia/NZ, go to Contact Martha Schuster:
2019 Sew & Tell

Please consider signing up for the 2019 Sew & Tell.  It is a year-long event to encourage designing and construction of garments using your Sure-Fit-Designs (SFD) system of fitting, designing, and sewing.
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For those of you who join the Sew & Tell, as an added incentive, Sure-Fit Designs will have random drawings for various prizes throughout 2019. Even if you are new to garment sewing you can still participate.

You can find out more about this on this link (opens in a new window)
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