Subject: *LAST CHANCE* New Essential Tool 'the Line Drafter' by Sure-Fit Designs - Opening Special

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Introducing the newest Essential Tool from Sure-Fit Designs...
Line Drafter
Now...that's a tool I can use!
Whether you are a crafter, quilter or garment seamstress, you'll love this latest essential tool...the Line Drafter.  An attached handle gives you that great grip making for easy maneuverability insuring a steady edge for drafting or cutting the lines you need.  Get a good grip, it never will release (like suction cup handles often do). Precision and accuracy with every line, on vertical or horizontal surfaces ensures success with your projects!  Plus it's see-through. Click here for the introductory highlights video & to access the Introductory Special.

Introductory Special Offer 9/26/17 through 10/3/17.
Save with this special...
Regularly $ $35.95

Limited Supply...First come/First Serve...While Supplies last
  1. 24" x 6" (61x15cm) - great for long grainline markings
  2. 1/8" thick clear plastic - see-through, rigid & stable for easy maneuvering
Reg: $39.95
Intro Special
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1. Both Imperial and Metric rule
2. 5/8" (1.6cm) seam allowance
3. 1/2" (1.3cm) seam allowance
4. 3/8" (1.0cm) seam allowance
5. 45 degree angle lines
6. 1" (2.5cm) grid lines

The Handle:
The Line Drafter features the permanently attached handle making maneuverability fast and easy on vertical or horizontal surfaces!  The handle depth is ideal for a woman's hand yet deep enough for a man's (larger) hand. 

'Now...that's a tool I can use'!
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