Subject: July Newsletter - Sure-Fit Designs

Sure-Fit Designs July Newsletter
View 3 new features that may be of interest to you.
  1. Customer Photo Gallery - You're always asking to see SFD garments.  Make sure you take a look.  I'm grateful to all who have contributed photos.  And for those of you who would like to see your projects on the web, please email them to me.  Kindly, Glenda
  2. New Pants Drawing Article - What to do when your measurements fall off the Pants Waist/Crotch Grid.  I've just added this new article to the Article Library.
  3. Sew Sensational Shirts - now in Downloadable format.  For all of our international SFD customers, you are now able to obtain instant access to Sew Sensational Shirts -  the latest designing book to augment your SFD Shirt Kit.
Customer Photo Gallery
Thanks to all of you who have sent your photos.  Everyone wants to see what can be sewn with Sure-Fit Designs and the only way to show you this is if you send me your photos.  Please click the link below to access the Photo Gallery This is just a very small sampling of the limitless styles that can be sewn with your Sure-Fit Designs Kit.
More Pants drawing HELP
When you have a thick waist and a short front crotch length measurement, you may run out of and off of the Waist/Crotch Grid on the SFD Pants Pattern.  Read this short, well-illustrated article to see how to make your SFD Pants Pattern work for your unique body shape - it's as simple as extending the existing grid lines.
Adapating and Drawing the Waist/Crotch Grid
Sew Sensational Shirts
Download Format Available!

Since there are many Sure-Fit Designs international customers who prefer to receive their products as instant downloads (when possible), this download option is now available for the latest SFD designing book - Sew Sensational Shirts.  Click the link below.
Download Version - Sew Sensational Shirts