Subject: Join Us - SFD 2nd LIVE STREAM Facebook Event - 8-31-16 at 4 PM (PDT)

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from the Aug Fit & Sew Retreat
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LIVE Stream Broadcast Event
Event details: When and Where?
  • In Eugene Oregon - Wednesday August 31 at 4 PM (PDT- Pacific Daylight Time - Oregon) - Live from Our Sewing Room - the facility where I hold the SFD Fit & Sew Retreats.
  • In Sydney Australia - 9 AM Friday morning Sept 1
  • In the UK - Midnight Aug 31
  • In South Africa - 1 AM Friday Sept 1
  • To determine the time in your specific location, do a Google search to convert 4PM (Portland OR) to your local time.
  • Join us on our SFD Facebook page -
  • Upon completion, this LIVE broadcast will be shared in our SFD (Closed) Group.
  • We'd love to have you join us.  Click this link - When the video pops up, make sure to click on the video image which will allow you to hear the audio.
  • Also make sure your Flash player is up to date.  If you are watching from your mobile device make sure you use either Chrome, Fire Fox or Internet Explorer as your browser - Safari does NOT support Flash.
  • You'll see the fabulous facility where I hold the Fit & Sew Retreats...and learn an essential bust dart drawing tip to ensure excellent bodice fit.
Glenda the Good Stitch
...Welcomes all of you!
Wednesday Aug 31, 4 PM
Fitting and stitching around the world!
PO 770, Star, ID 83669, United States
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