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2022 Get Inspired! It's the New Year... Let's Sew...Sew...Sew!!  Jan. 15 - 17, 2022.
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Let Glenda the Good Stitch & Elsabe Hurn (S. Africa) inspire you with our Design & Sew Alongs. (Already discounted bundles will save an additional 5%). You'll find clear pattern instructions as well as step-by-step sewing construction videos.
Save 20% on all Design & Sew Alongs.
Save 20% on all DVD tutorials.
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Save 5% on already discounted Bundles.
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Sew Alongs
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Jan. 15-17, 2022
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FREE Tutorials

*Princess Line Perfection,
*Sleeve Setting Secrets,
*Princess Patchwork Skirt,
*Shirt/Dress Pattern Comparison,
*Drawing Common Hip Shapes,
*What I Didn't Know...
But Wish I Had!

All 6 master classes totally FREE

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  • During this sale, and due to the volume of orders we will most likely receive, we will not be issuing any refunds (or partial refunds) if you have forgotten to use the discount codes.
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FREE - Flattering Princess LInes - they look great on so many different body shapes. See the designing steps visually explained by Glenda the Good Stitch. Enjoy 7 video lessons - for bodices and pants - all free!
Plus other free tutorials - Sleeve Setting Secrets & the Princess Patchwork Skirt, Common Hip Shapes, What I Didn't Know...But Wish I Had! - All Free!
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