Subject: Good Stitch flying to you with New Videos & Projects

March 2016 SFD Newsletter
**Glenda the Good Stitch is waving her magic wand & flying to you with 8 great new videos & projects.

**Sew the 'Little Black Dress'- an online course

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We've been busy...again! We simply enjoy producing these educational videos for you.  You'll see designing, drawing & sewing information as well as more on fitting.  One of these might just be what you're looking for. There's actually more where these came from!

Little Black Dress online designing & sewing course - in case you missed our initial announcement, this new designing and sewing course featuring the Little Black Dress is now available exclusively at  Test it out with a one week free trial.  Please click here.

Here's to your fitting & designing success,
Kindly, Glenda...the Good Stitch!
Designing the
'Kimberly' Blouse
Kimberly, new to sewing and new to our Facebook group, designed this perfectly fitting blouse as her first project.  Watch the free video showing how.
 Look for D.32
Fitting & Dressing
a 'Muffin Top'
Got a 'muffin top'?  See what to do with the bodice waist-fitting darts.  Then see 10 tips to help you choose styles that are most appropriate for your shape.
 Look for D.31
My Pants Pull Down my Backside!  Why??
Do you have the perpetual problem of pants that pull down your backside?
This free video gives you insights as to why this might be happening.
  Look for P.6.14
5 Ways to Lengthen the Pants Back Crotch
If you need to add extra back crotch length, you'll see 5 locations and understand where to add the extra length if you need it.
  Look for P.6.15
Using, Understanding & Loving your CoverStitch Machine - Part 1
Part 1 offers a general introduction on using a CoverStitch machine - Janome CPX1000
Look for SC.9.1
Sure-Fit Designs
the Little Black Dress

This is our newest online designing & sewing course.  It's featured exclusively on  Just follow this link for your 1 week free trial.  If you choose to subscribe, you'll automatically receive a 20% discount.  Just click below.
Using, Understanding & Loving your CoverStitch Machine - Part 2
 Part 2 offers information specific to hemming tips & techniques - Janome CPX1000
Look for SC.9.2
Using, Understanding & Loving your CoverStitch Machine - Part 3
Part 3 - See how to easily rip out a line of coverstitching and how to use this machine for garment basting.
Janome CPX1000
Look for SC.9.3
Sure-Fit Designs
Facebook Group

New to Sure-Fit Designs?  Would you like to join a group of like-minded sewists?  Make sure to join our Facebook group.  Simply request to join and we'll approve you.
Sheath Dress Designing the Fast-Forward Way
You all love the 'designing how-to' videos.  Here you'll see how to easily design the one-piece sheath dress.
Look for D.28
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