Subject: Gifting You! Sally Silhouette - Sketch Buddy by Sure-Fit Designs

Introducing Sally Silhouette ...Your sketch & design buddy!
Because you are our valued and very much appreciated customer, from time to time we like to give you useful gifts that will make your fitting, designing and sewing experiences more positive and rewarding.

Years ago, as part of the Sure-Fit Designs product line, we used to carry a Sketch-A-Style note pad.  It was extremely helpful in copying garment styles and designs.  But now with everything digital, we decided to gift you with a download version.  I've named her Sally Silhouette!
Sally Silhouette is just waiting for you to click on the link below to get your complimentary  copy.
You don't have to be an artist.  You don't have to know anything about drawing proportions.  All you need to do is keep Sally handy in your sewing room or handbag, and when you see that next 'must-have' design, simply sketch it on Sally. 

She's well-proportioned and easy to use.

You'll love using her at home or when you're out shopping.

You'll end up with lots of design ideas...and we'll keep Sally dressed!

Make sure to watch the short video introducing Sally Silhouette!
I'm offering you 2 different Sally sizes - Full Size Sally for at-home use, and Purse Size Sally that's a perfect size to tuck in your handbag.  She's just great to take along when you're out browsing ready-to-wear.

Now it's super easy to copy a garment design from R-T-W, a fashion magazine or pattern catalog.
Once again, we'd like to say 'Thank you so much' for being a Sure-Fit Designs customer.
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