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Hello everybody! It’s Anna from Canada and this month I would like to share with you the Crapezio Top made by Annette Brook from Queensland , Australia.  Annette  made the Caprezio top for her trip to the UK. This top is incredibly stylish, easy to design and sew from your Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit and at the same time very comfortable.

By the way Annette, you look stunning!

Be an inspiration for others and strut your stuff!

As we move into October, take the initiative to send your 'make photos' directly to Anna at  We plan on featuring 2-3 customers a month.  So take some photos and send them along.  Everyone loves seeing what others are making with their SFD patterns.  Send yours along...we'd love to feature you.

  Annette Brook - from the Australia
Martha Schuster - your new Australia/NZ Distributor
The Caprezio Top is available as a Sew Along. Not only will you receive a leaflet with step-by step instructions, but you can watch the 16 videos all for only $15.95  The link to the Sew Along is this :

What are you waiting for? Start sewing and you too will be amazed with Sure-Fit Designs!
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