Subject: Get Inspired - Monthly Makes - Strut your Stuff - November

Monthly Makes
Sure-Fit Designs Inspiration

Hello Everybody, It’s Anna from Canada. I am sending some dressmaking inspo your way.
 This month I would like to dedicate to the children’s kit. I love taking my kids fabric shopping, they feel so special when I make something for them from a fabric that they choose and helped create.

My daughter, Julia (9 years old), is wearing a penguin dress that she helped create.  You can just see how proud she is to show you.
The Sure-Fit Designs Children’s Kit is extremely versatile and easy to use.  You can create costumes and children’s clothes from toddlers to teens. With the Children’s Kit you can make: shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and even baby bibs!

Fiona Pereira from Mississauga, Ontario created for her granddaughter a dress for her birthday party, Great Job Fiona!
Diana Deap from Scotchtown , NB  also loves to make her grandchildren special dresses. Diana you are an inspiration to all of us!
What are you sewing these days? Send us your photo to we would love to see your inspiration too!
Happy stitching!
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