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Monthly Makes
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Hello Everybody, It’s Anna from Canada. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Be an inspiration for others and strut your stuff!

Last month I shared a couple of children's dresses that you can make with the Children's Kit. After sending the newsletter, Marguerita Clark from St. Marteen sent me a photo of a dress she made for a customer. With Sure-Fit Designs you not only can make clothes for you and all your family but it can also generate an income for you when you're sewing for others!

 Marguerita Clark - from St. Marteen
Have you tried sewing with the Sure-Fit Design Shirt Kit?
Chris Rosenkrantz made this great shirt - such a perfect fit!
“This is my first shirt made with the Sure-fit designs shirt  kit. The shirt was for my grandson-in-law who has a size 50 neck, size 40 chest and size 28 waist, a 30 degree shoulder slope and has a high rounded back. I don't think I would have ever been able to fit this if it had not been for Sure-fit designs. I had  to do a high rounded back adjustment but I did not want a seam down the middle of the shirt. I didn't know for sure if it would work but I did the adjustment which  put a dart in the shoulder seam. I cut a deeper yoke on the shirt and took the yoke and rotated the dart out of the shoulder. It seemed to work great because the muslin sure fit him better once I did the adjustment.   I have sewn lots throughout my life but have never really known how to make things fit properly. I am on a quest now. Thank you Glenda  and Sure-fit designs. Never could have done it without you.”
Chris Rosenkrantz - from Nenphi, Utah - sewn for grandson
The Waterfall Jacket
Lastly, if you haven’t tried to make the Waterfall jacket, you are missing out. It is a fast and easy project.  The Waterfall Jacket is an electronic PDF file that you can download.  The instructions are easy to follow.
Shelley Corner  from California, did a great job.
Shelley Corner - California
What are you sewing these days?
Send us your photo to we would love to see your inspiration too!
Happy stitching and I wish you all a fantastic 2018!
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