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Addressing Common Fitting Issues

Janine Smith

One of the most common fitting issues that many sewists encounter is the dreaded gaping neckline. Whether it's a blouse, dress, or even a jacket, a neckline that refuses to lay flat against the body can detract from the overall look and comfort of a garment. Fortunately with the right techniques, this fitting dilemma can be easily resolved.

The first step in addressing a gaping neckline is to accurately access the fit of the garment. Once you've identified the cause of the gaping neckline, whether it's due to excess fabric or incorrect pattern adjustments, it can be resolved.

1.Adjusting the shoulder slope: If the neckline is gaping at the shoulders, it may be necessary to adjust the slope of the shoulder seam.

2. Adding darts or tucks: In some cases, adding darts or tucks to the neckline can help to eliminate excess fabric and create a smoother, more tailored fit.

3. Reshaping the neckline: For garments with a wide or deep neckline, reshaping the neckline can help to eliminate e gaping and improve the overall fit.

4. Stabilizing bias cut edges. Make sure your garment is supported along the shoulder seams and my any bias edges to prevent stretch during construction and the life of the garment..

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