Subject: August Sure-Fit Designs Newsletter

Sure-Fit Designs August Newsletter
View 3 new features (articles and video) that may be exactly what you've been looking for.
  1. Sewing Technique **Sewing a V-Neck - This sewing technique shows you how to achieve a perfect point for a V-neck. I've just added this new article to the Article Library.
  2. Fitting Technique **Adding a Shoulder Dart - Some of you with rounded shoulders may appreciate this fitting option.  I've just added this new article to the Article Library.
  3. Another New Video **Short Front Crotch Length in relation to a Longer Back Crotch Length. You'll find this new video in the Video Library.
Sewing a V-Neck
Whether it be with the Sure-Fit Designs Dress or Shirt Kit, when you've designed that V-Neck, you want it to look sharp, crisp and pointed after it's been sewn.  This is a particularly valuable article for any beginner/intermediate seamstress.
V-Neck Stitching Technique
Adding a Shoulder Dart
When you have a rounded or protruding shoulder blade, you will achieve a better fit by using this technique to add a shoulder dart.  It's simple, straightforward and easy to do.
How to Add a Shoulder Dart
New Video - Drawing the Pants pattern for a very short front crotch in relation to a longer back crotch.

We have all different shapes of bodies.  This Pants Fitting Video is for the lady who has a relatively short front crotch in relation to her longer back crotch.  You'll want to watch this new video.  Click the link below then scroll down the page to P.3.1.
P.3.1 Fitting the very short Front Crotch in relation to a substantially longer Back Crotch Length