Subject: Announcement: the Academy has a new name - SureFitAcademy

The 'Academy' has a new name!
You are likely familiar with, that name and URL has now been changed to  The 'old' name was cumbersome, too long and difficult to remember.  Everyone called it 'SureFitAcademy' (or Academy) anyway, so why not name it what we were all calling it anyway?
This is the new, official URL (web address) for the Sure-Fit Designs streaming video Academy.  This is also the home of our SFD Design & Sew Alongs.
But don't worry, all your saved URL's (web address) and bookmarks should still work.  I've maintained the old address as well as the new one - they point to the new address. Any shortcuts or bookmarks you have saved will still work but you may need to re-enter your password if it previously logged in for you.  All your previously purchased courses are still easily accessible.

Take a look!  There may be streaming video courses or Sew Alongs that you're not familiar with.  We have many to choose from (both free and paid) that will enhance your designing and sewing skills.
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