Subject: 8 New Helpful Videos - Merry Christmas from Sure-Fit Designs

Dec 2013 SFD Newsletter
8 New, Helpful Videos
Merry Christmas...from Sure-Fit Designs

We've been busy...again! This time we were snowed in.  On a side note, it's the coldest it's ever been in my 35 years here in Oregon!  Oh well...the time was well spent.  There's now 8 new informative/helpful and complimentary  videos.  Particularly for those of you who are new to Sure-Fit Designs, you will find information on the discounted pattern kit combinations (Combos), as well, there are more helpful videos for working with your SFD patterns - drawing techniques and minor tune-ups. 

Enjoy & Merry Christmas, Glenda

PS - It's not too late to gift yourself or a friend with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system.  2-3 day delivery anywhere in the US - just in time for Christmas.
Dress Kit Combo
Blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets are all possible.  The Dress Kit is featured in this discounted Combo.  Just scroll down toward the middle of the page to watch this video.
Pants Kit Combo
If you need a pair of pants that fit, take a look at what you'll receive in this discounted Pants Kit Combo. Please scroll down toward the middle of the page to watch this video.
Shirt Kit Combo
This video offers short, concise information about what you'll receive in this discounted Shirt Kit Combo. Just scroll down toward the middle of the page to watch this video.
Works Combo PLUS
The Works Combo PLUS offers the greatest discount for maximum savings.  Make sure to take a look
.You'll find this video at the bottom of the page.  While there, you'll see the other Combo packages.
Using the Designing Stylus to add Seam Allowances (GI.4.1)  You may already know how to do this, but this video shows what to watch out for when drawing neckline and armhole allowances. when you click through, look for GI.4.1.
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Just click through to
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Shirt Pattern Circumference & Ease for Larger Front than Back (S.8.2). You may be larger in the front than in the back (full bust).  See how to change the measurement dots to accommodate your frame.  When you click through, look for S.8.2.
Bodice Pattern
Drawing the Sleeve Cap
See how to use the Designing Stylus to draw an accurate sleeve cap on the Dress Kit bodice pattern.  See how to modify the cap for better fit and accuracy.  When you click through, scroll down and look for D.7.d
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Fit & Sew Retreat 2014
February and April Retreats are closed/filled.  There are currently 2 spaces remaining for July 6-11.  October is wide open.  Hope to see some of you in Oregon in 2014.
Large Buttocks/Derriere
If you have a large buttocks/derriere, see how to give more fabric to the pants back and add more sitting ease if you need it. When you click through, look for P.6.12
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