Subject: Wishing You A Perfect 2017! #2017Perfect10

Here, we present the December edition of our monthly newsletter with tips on how to design a perfect 2017 for you! 

It is almost like we ushered in a new year few weeks ago. Jan1, 2016 was not so long ago. How time flies. We are living in interesting times! In 2016, we had Brexit, a new President in the US, de-monetization, natural calamities and man-made disasters. Still, we may be living in one of best of periods, ever! Let's not be carried away by the negativity around, partly created by media and partly by ourselves, by attracting ourselves.

A new year is a period for resolutions. Whether we believe in resolutions or not, it may be a good idea to work on some goals, as a coach would add, 'to help us move from current state to a more resourceful state'. 'Life is a Journey'!

What are we going to work on in the new year? Health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, empathy, career, personal learning & development, hobby, charity,... ?

We have a choice to make 2017 a truly special year
. 2+0+1+7 adds up to 10. Do we want to make it a perfect ten, worthy of the jersey number... or, just another year?

Here, we present the December edition of our monthly newsletter with tips on how to design a perfect 2017 for you! #2017Perfect10

"Be Selfish in 2017!"
Become incredibly Selfish:
Thomas Leonard, Founder ICF

Purpose of coaching is to help the client reframe a disempowered state into a powerful empowered state. Coach needs to be in the Self for this.

To be in the self is to be greedy and all that represents the need to be better than others around us at whatever cost and usually, at others’ cost.
To be in the Self is vastly different. It is about finding fulfillment in knowing that we are not isolated islands; that we are interconnected, co-dependent beings, which at the cellular intelligence level are collaborative. It is about partnering with others the way we treat ourselves. 

Being incredibly Selfish, not superficially selfish, takes us to a state deep within, where we exist for others. We become coaches!

About the Author: Ram S Ramanathan ( is a leadership coach and trainer, spiritual wanderer, who blends eastern spiritual wisdom with modern psychological and neurobiological knowledge to create mindless awareness.
What are Your Dreams Showing You?
Everybody is dreaming. We dream every night! If we don’t remember doesn’t mean we are not dreaming.

Dreams are aspects of ourselves! This was an important takeaway. It has nothing to do with others! Even when we see others, animals, or anything else!

If you are in the dream it is an important message. Don’t ignore it!
Sometimes we process dreams within dreams (a la Inception movie).
Every dream is a message, a guidance from our Higher Consciousness (Hi C). HiC is always guiding. Use it! 

One imp take away from the session was also to ‘go slow’! It stuck a chord. I have been very busy, trying to do a lot. We all need to slow down a bit?

Another key takeaway is the need to work on our creativity. ‘If we don’t live out our creativity, it will eat us up’! When we suppress our creativity it impacts us at different levels. (Having got a mentor for writing, got to look for a music teacher, again. Hobby for sake of hobby is very important)

“You are the Ocean, I am the wave”
'Mythophobia' - A Video Story by Subash
Among the numerous roles I play, story-telling is relevant to all. I always wanted to be a writer too. 

I was excited when given an opportunity to learn and contribute to Anita’s Attic. Was elated.
Could not join batch 3, my calendar was an excuse! Thanks to family’s push, joined batch 4.

It has been a beautiful journey with the mentor (Anita Nair), the batch (each one already a writer) and the guests.

Takeaways : The power of discipline even in a creative activity such as writing, power of subconscious, being truly present, overcoming writer’s block/self-limiting beliefs, nuances of character/crafting/storytelling, art of mentoring, etc. 

Writers are normal human beings!
ACC2PCC Bridge ACTP Coach Training Program 
Inviting all ACC (ICF) coaches to join us for your PCC journey… thru Coacharya Advanced Program, an ICF accredited ACTP Program to PCC!

The current batch at Chennai completed first two months (six modules) in Nov & Dec, 2016. Sessions in Jan & Feb will be relevant to those who aspire to move from ACC to PCC, both in terms of content & depth.

Classroom sessions at Crowne Plaza, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai – two days a month, over weekend:

January 2017 – 7th, 8th (Saturday & Sunday)

February 2017 – 11th, 12th (Saturday & Sunday)

Virtual Sessions are held on other Saturdays (8 sessions)

Even if you have gone through your ACC-related journey with any other ICF-approved program, you are welcome to join us for your PCC-related sessions. (Conditions apply)

Facilitated and mentored by two PCCs, Subash CV and Priya Ramesh. Subsequently mentored by Cindy, MCC.

For more details, pls write to either facilitators, or

'Active Living' Workshop Now in Mumbai: After huge success in Bangalore
If you are ready to meet yourself and you have the belief that you can change your life, come and join Anjana for
a daylong workshop!

Date: Sunday, January 29th 2017
Venue: Andheri, Mumbai
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Fee: Rs 11,000/- (including taxes) Non-refundable

Let us enjoy this journey together! 

To book your tickets, click below.

“Active Living” is not physical, but healing yourself on all levels……You can heal your life too!

You are at the cross roads…… don’t know, where your life is heading !

You can manifest the life you want to live….. a stress free life!

First and foremost thing to understand and attract abundance is to clear the block you have!

Here we are giving you a chance to do that.

Prepare yourself to face the world by being authentic and fearless, by “Being You”

Welcome to “Active Living” ……Live Life.

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