Subject: Why are Technological Leaders looking up to the ICF Coach Certification?

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“Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a Strategy. Fear is not an option”

Dear Leader,

#DeRust is the Regal theme for the year 2022 and true to the spirit, we are looking to nurture future-ready leaders. Once again, I request you to read the quote mentioned above. If any part of this quote resonates with your “Leadership-Self” then the resources in this mailer are for you. Welcome.

Disruptive Systems led by Dinosaurs - Oh Dear!

The Agile/Scrum space has undergone significant disruption. Though the methodology, processes, and systems are completely morphed, have the Agile Leadership changed in equal measure?

The disruptive Agile/Project Management philosophies are still “managed” by Legacy leaders.

We are hosting a free webinar for all the Agile Leaders, Scrum Master Trainers, Project Managers, and all tech professionals in which we are diving deep into what will it take to develop the Professional Edge and be a FUTURE-READY Leader by ‘Becoming a real Coach’

In the webinar we will discuss:

  • How can Agile/Scrum/Tech Leaders shift their career to a new orbit by becoming professional Coach?

  • Why should Agile Coaches prefer ICF-Coach Certification?

  • Why Should Agile Coaches Merge Process Coaching with Behavioral Coaching?

  • How can Professional Coaching help mitigate real work-life Agile Challenges?

  • Why is there a surge in demand for ICF-Coach Certification for Agile and Project Managers, especially in Asia, the USA, and Europe?

Impact and Reach of Coaching in Digital Companies:

If you are a technology leader, CIO, product developer then this article outlines how ‘professional Coaching’ has changed the cultural scape of Google and Microsoft. Two of the top leaders from these organizations: Madhuri Duggala from Google India & Irina Ghose from Microsoft share their experiences with “Coaching.” 

A must-read to set up and step up your aspirations as a ‘disruptive technology leaders’

Become a Professional Coach with the BEST COACHING SCHOOL OF THE WORLD:

Inclined to become an ICF-Certified Coach, then we are here to help you. Owing to the pandemic, the tech industry is going through a change, resulting in the surge of demand for “Coach-Like Leaders”. Hear from these leaders who took the journey of becoming a Coach with us and have successfully completed their Regal Coaching Certification. It is truly inspiring to see how Coaching can bring professional excellence with the personal development of the ‘being.’

Drop us a line if you are interested and we will get in touch. You can write to us at



Team Regal.

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