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Coaching for Independence


Independence or Inner dependence - what can truly give us contentment?

Are we independent of only people (not depending on spouse, parents, relatives) independent of the fear of spending how much ever we want, whenever we want or independent (read close/shut off) from feeling our emotions, and project a stone-face! 

A Coach can help you identify, and unlock the caged potential.  Coaching as an intervention explores the deeper meaning of independence. Independence from emotional baggage, independence from fear, self-doubt, independence to see and accept ourselves, independence to express in totality and independence to sit still or jump in joy when we ‘genuinely’ feel so! 

A Coach holds the mirror - support the journey within! The sublime journey of inner - dependence. Let’s walk together!

The Coach Trainer’s Corner: Subash CV 

Even Coaches, Sharpen their saw, refine their craft and work on themselves to be able to coach better, train better and mold better! Subash CV & Rekha Hatkangalekar attended an event hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers to coach & groom their high potential leaders. The event saw over 100 leaders & executives coming together to benefit from coaching!

“I used to believe that culture was ‘soft,’ and had little bearing on our bottom line. What I believe today is that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future.” – Vern Dosch, author, Wired Differently


Coaching culture has been considered a defining component in the success of the progressive organizations of the 21st century. From Google’s Project OXYGEN to the cultural turnaround of Microsoft after Satya Nadella took reins signal the importance of Coaching culture in an organization.

Coach’s Corner: 3 Blogs Blog by: Shekar Rangarajan

Coaching and mentoring are people-enabling professions. They have a lot of overlap in the skill set required, people’s expectations & outcomes delivered. For example, both coaching & mentoring

➢  Calls for a high level of trust & vulnerability

➢  Exposes to newer ways of thinking & being

➢  Progresses towards desired goals

➢  Have an expanding effect on people, both personally & professionally.

However, coaching and mentoring are also very different from each other. Let’s try to understand it with a case study.

Say Raj is transitioning into a new senior management role. This new position calls for an upgraded version of him to ably handle the new responsibilities.

                                                 Blog by: Priya Sundaram

Coach Showcase:

Coaching for Independence

We are very proudly celebrating 75 years of India’s independence this year. However, are we

really independent? During coaching my clients, I have discovered this lacuna for independence in some of my connects.

In-dependence here is the dependence on my inner self. While some of my conversations have been deep where the client is open to being vulnerable, where they are willing to trust the process and look for areas to work on within themselves, there are some conversations which tend to be at a superficial level. There’s a safety guard that some clients put around themselves which is hard to break through. My role, as a coach, is to allow room for openness to flow in the conversation, to listen intently and to trust that the client will be able to find potential solutions by digging deeper within themselves.

Research Presentation: (Highlights with attached video)

Have you wondered that the decision to become a Coach is an emotional one. We hear about one of our colleagues/acquaintances and impulsively decide to become a coach! 

Reality hits us hard because there are many moving parts to this critical decision. In this Research Presentation we interview and distill the wisdom of 260+ coaches on how to become a Coach - which path is suitable - what future of coaching holds for you! Facilitating data driven decision making.


We are humbled to have trained & mentored 300+ coaches.

Be it the Agile/Tech/Scrum Professionals, Business owners, Corporate Executives and Senior leaders, HR and L&D professionals, Entrepreneurs, Working mothers, even grandmothers, Professors, Counselors and even monks (just wow!) have been part of this beautiful journey of 300 coaches. We are grateful to each one of them!

It’s not charity - it’s LOVE for a PURPOSE


Ayshwarya Desikan is a Senior Vice President with HSBC & a recently credentialed ACC Coach. In our recent conversation with her, we explored how the “Becoming a Coach” journey is different from the other leadership interventions she had experienced in her more than 2 decades of experience.

Our open & curious conversation touched upon how the banking sector is getting warmed up for “Coaching for their leaders” at all levels & why not just banking but professionals from all sectors should consider taking up “Coaching” as a leadership skill to create lasting impacts & powerful outcomes.
Click here to watch the full video of the latest Regal Talk.




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