Subject: 'The Magic We Create' - ICF Coach Training

ICF coach training #ACC2PCC
- month-1, PCC Level, Advance ACTP
- at the core of the sessions, it was the transition from ACC to PCC in coaching.
- understanding competencies PCC markers
- move from process to the realm of art
- move from ‘what’ to ‘Who’
- being totally client-centric
- direct communication, incl tap intuition
- we had an expert from community present Appreciative Inquiry
- we covered other concepts incl Inner Game, Polarity, Hero’s Journey,
- most importantly, practicing these in the coaching sessions (not merely theory, gyan)

Our sessions are aimed at gaining mastery in coaching practice & also along the way deeper self awareness (destination & journey). For us mentors, learning is mutual!

- We had two credentialed coaches attending sessions for their CCEUs. While there are multiple options to obtain CCEU for ICF credential-renewal, attending these is the best May to refresh, re-learn, update. The original purpose of CCEU for ICF credential renewal.

- We now have a 2nd published author from our community. ‘Maya’ by Sidhartha Satpathy, is a must read. We got our author-signed copies of his labor of love
- Nature conspired, beautiful weather over 2 days

We had a few very deep coaching conversations too..

Regal Unlimited, Whitefield, 560067, Bangalore, India
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