Subject: Rediscovering The Real You : Active Living

Here we present the November edition of our monthly newsletter with the emphasis on discovering "The Real You".
November has always been a special month -  just celebrated Sai Baba's birthday on 23rd  November. The focus across the world is on social interactions and gatherings during this time. From various festivals being celebrated in India to various holidays like Thanks Giving in US and Europe, the main objective is to meet family, old friends and make new ones. 

Here we present the November edition of our monthly newsletter with emphasis on discovering "The Real You"!

"We are the locks, We are the Keys"
-Access Consciousness-

When we concentrate our awareness on problems, we create more problems in our lives. When we look for opportunities, we create more opportunities!

We have the ability to heal our lives too, on all levels, through simple methods!
It’s important to be aware of possibilities, to create/manifest what we want in our life and work towards it!

Here is the opportunity for you to understand ‘yourself’ better!

A crystal clear path for you to move ahead, in your life!

Life is all about “Choices”,
It’s your turn now, “To Be You.”
Come and experience, “Active Living”…..

Venue: Taj Vivanta, Whitefield, 

Date: December 4th

Day: Sunday

Time: 10am to 5pm

How Will Trump Rebuild His Brand!
1. He has to make a choice, on his brand. Then the direction he wants to take as POTUS

2. Select the best people for the job. Get the very best. ‘The captain is as good as his team’.

3. Set the agenda – make a choice whether it should be driven by
– I/Me/Mine (or IQ)
– We : Government/US/NATO (or EQ)
– He : The Divine & His entire creation (Purusha & Prakriti) or SQ, Spiritual Quotient

He comes with no political baggage, is an outsider. There are so many analysis on political leadership available now, which none of his predecessors had the luxury of. Use it.

Be mindful of personal #legacy and future of USA.

PS: Americans who don’t support Trump can not loose hope and stay out of nation building.

Campaigner Trump was different from Prez-elect Trump. He will be very different as POTUS.

Also, the underlying assumption is, as Master would say, ‘every living being, knowingly or unknowingly, is on a spiritual pilgrimage'.

POTUS is no different
#Leadership #I2We2He #IQ2EQ2SQ

Feedback From Last Class - Participant's Voice!
We together created a beautiful, powerful space… Learning was mutual and the outcome, a beautiful mix of the journey and the destination, and lot more…

Feedback from the participants from month-1, at Chennai (Face2Face) on 12th & 13th November:

'Absolutely fantastic experience. I am thoroughly in it and enjoying every minute of the transformation'
'New insights: Others' perspectives, Process of coaching, Structure, Introspection, Co-creation, Being judgmental'
'Thank you for a fantastic facilitation throughout the program :)
Some interesting discussion: 
  • Do I have to change, say mellow-down, if I have to be a good coach?
  • Is coaching possible in every situation, relationship?
  • What is coaching? What is not coaching?
  • Grow Model, other coaching models (including R_E_G_A_L and R_H_Y_T_H_M, by both facilitators, being their own coaching models) 
  • Regal@60
  • We watched a few video too - What is coaching, Everyone Needs Coaching, GROW Model. Elena's Credential Legacy brings tears, every time we watch this video.
We also had alumni coming over and sharing their journey and experience. Learning will continue through weekly virtual sessions , where we will cover… some theory and more coaching practice.

ICF Approved Coacharya ACTP Coach Training
Be a trained, certified and ICF credentialed coach.

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is different from mentoring, telling, delegating, instructing and all variants thereof.

The program is a powerful combination of -

1. Classroom sessions at Crowne Plaza, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai - two days a month, over week-end (twice for ACC and four times in four months for PCC)

10th, 11th Dec, 2016
7th, 8th Jan, 2017
11th, 12th Feb, 2017

2. Virtual Sessions, once a week from the comfort of your homes.

The focus is to master the process, science and art of coaching practice, through ICF coaching competencies.
This program is for all the aspiring coaches and practicing coaches, who are yet to obtain the ICF credentials.

Facilitated and mentored by two PCC's, Subash CV and Priya Ramesh. Subsequently mentored by Cindy, MCC.

We have in the past provided real clients (corporate executives) for real practice. This is over and above peer coaching within the batch and larger alumni group.

For outstation candidates, best offsite experience. We have a tie up with a service apartment for a comfortable stay, frugal living and delicious food!

While the destination of this journey may be Coach certification and ICF Credentials, our focus is as much on the journey. This journey has been transformational for most of us.

For more details, pls write to either/both facilitators, both PCC: or

Registrations are open. Few seats left. Be a trained, certified, ICF credentialed Coach.