Subject: Mindfulness This Diwali!

 Busyness is the disease. Being mindful the pill. When you are doing something, you are also thinking of something else and feeling something completely different. Read more about mindfulness in this newsletter.
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This being very special because of the upcoming festival of light - Diwali. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

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By Being Authentic!
When shift happens………Have you ever noticed?

You always feel some uneasiness dominating you! Restlessness!

Friends become foes.
Foes become friends.
No peace at heart…… is always like a ‘wave’!

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs……..that’s the solution!
How can you do it? - BY BEING ‘Authentic’ 

Here, you are trying to give yourself an opportunity to meet the ‘Real You’! You can heal your lives too…on all levels!

Get yourself out of your own shell…..Listen to your heart…..Meet new people……Explore life……Feel the air….Most importantly, don’t lose yourself….Enjoy the “Being You”!

By - Anjana Subash
Certified Life Coach
Being 'Alive' Mindfully!
Busyness is the disease. Being mindful the pill.

Try sitting quietly for 1 minute and your mind will fill you with a million thoughts. When you are doing something, you are also thinking of something else and feeling something completely different. Our fragmented self is the symptom of busyness. It holds us back from being alive.
Leaders are facing a time crunch having to make decisions yesterday for tomorrow, managing global teams, having to adapt to change constantly. Thoughts and actions are on auto pilot. We act, feel then think, in that order. Experiences are lost. Life passes by. 

Reverse the process and you have a way to becoming mindful, being alive to the moment and to life itself. Being mindful is about becoming aware of:

What am I thinking now

What am I feeling now, 

What am I doing now

Mindfulness enables this alignment, where you surrender all of yourself to the moment. Practice it and Magic follows. Be Alive!

By - Priya Ramesh
Executive/Life Coach – PCC (ICF)
Mentor Coach/ Psychologist

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Dubai to Delhi - Mind full to Mindful
ICF, Dubai: Couple of years ago, I attended a two-day event organized by International Coach Federation (ICF), Dubai chapter. 

The keynote speaker on day-1, Janet Harvey, MCC, asked the group ‘how many of us were in the habit of practicing some kind of mindfulness technique’. Of course very few hands went up. Too few considering the hall was filled with coaches, and corporate leaders.

It was a big aha moment for me! My own journey shifted from becoming a coach to being a coach.

The other keynote speaker, on day-2 was Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, CEO coach.. ..