Subject: Introductory webinar on Leaders as Coaches Program

"If you want to improve your organization, then you have to improve yourself 
(as a leader) and the organization gets pulled up with you" - Indra Nooyi
Dear Leader,

This mail is to invite you and the leaders in your organisation to a mindset, where the leaders are coaches, hence are able to:
  • Create a team of free thinkers, who can think and do things they have never done before
  • Inspire the people with whom they work with and not just motivate
  • Stimulates greater and novel thinking
  • Make people feel inclusive and steer teams effectively
  • Heighten the sense of ownership, enthusiasm and commitment
  • Feel better aligned to self and the organisations need.
  • Amplify personal well being and drive organisational growth
We offer this bespoke program designed for Leaders, to enable them adopt a coaching mindset and be a coach. An organisation, where leaders have a coaching mindset is the only way, an organisation can shift quickly to the next orbit.

Register for the free webinar to know how can leaders develop and nurture the coaching mindset in organizations and drive positive outcomes.

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