Subject: ICF Coach Training & Certification - An introductory webinar

Becoming a Coach is an achievement but 
Being a Coach is a responsibility

Credentialing from ICF begets immense credibility and acceptance; but we also understand that the certification comes with commitments. We are here to ensure that you are making an informed choice.

Regal Unlimited is excited to host a FREE webinar on Becoming a certified & credentialed coach to ‘BEING A COACH’. 

In this webinar you will discover:
  • What is ‘Pure and Classical’ Professional Coaching as per the ICF - the gold standard in Coaching
  • What is NOT coaching
  • Introduction to the ICF Approved Framework
  • What it takes to be a ICF credentialed Coach - the rigor of the 4 months of journey
  • Regal Unlimited’s coach training methodology and Success Stories
  • Q & A for enhanced learning
If you are:
  • An Aspiring Coach, and still waiting to begin the journey in the coaching space
  • A corporate leader, business owner, consultant, or a change agent.
  • An Agile/ Scrum Practitioner and want to strengthen your profile by adding ICF coaching competencies
  • A HR/L&D/OD professional who wants to add ‘coaching’ and shift your career to the next orbit
  • If you want to Master the coaching competencies and transition to professional coaching as an alternative career option.
  • Have penchant to impact lives and help others realise their full potential
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Topic: Being a Coach
Host: Subash CV, MCC (ICF)
Date: 20th March
Time:  8PM - 9PM (IST)

We believe that being a coach is a responsibility and without proper credentialing, adequate training and deeper understanding of the process, a coach does disservice to his/her clients. Coaching is our calling and we believe in nurturing a vibrant community of ‘industry-ready coaches’ who nudge their clients to a more resourceful state.

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