Subject: Have you mastered the new ‘playbook’ of Leadership yet?

Dear Leader,

Greetings from Regal Unlimited.

Dr. Daniel Goleman, the guru of Emotional Intelligence in his seminal research identified six styles of Leadership. Among those six he said, the most misunderstood and the least practiced is - the Coaching style of Leadership.

He opined, “Leaders who ignore this style are passing up a powerful tool; its impact on organizational climate and performance are markedly positive.This is the style which builds future capabilities and people.

We, at Regal Unlimited believe in equipping the aspiring leaders, coaches, team and project leaders, business owners with the ‘Coaching style of Leadership’.
We are organizing a FREE Webinar on our Exclusive program “Leaders as Coaches”.

Having successfully run this program for senior corporate leaders in organizations of repute, we are convinced that ‘the future of Leadership is COACHING’ and we are committed to nurture ‘future-ready leaders.’

If you are willing to be a part of this future; then hop in on this free webinar

Date: 2nd March, 2021
8PM - 9PM (IST)
Want to know why should Leaders develop the coaching mindset, Madhu Kanna - an Executive Coach illustrates in this short 2 minute article, how developing the ‘coaching mindset’ has catalysed the growth of the leader and the organization:
If you know of a fellow-leader (aspiring or practicing), professional and business owner who might be interested, then we will be grateful if you could help us by spreading the word.

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