Subject: Fireside Conversation with Master Coach - Subash CV

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Dear Coaches,

No… this mail is not only for Sherlock fans… It's for all of you who are still ruminating about whether ICF Coaching is for you or not! There is a lot of misinformation about ICF, the ways to become a Coach, the future as a coach, and so on and so forth! 

And as true Sherlock fans, we deem it is our prime responsibility to make you aware of “what other people don’t know”

We are inviting you to a FIRESIDE CONVERSATION with Subash CV - Coach Trainer & Master Certified Coach (ICF) on 7th October 2022.  After all, we are in the business of Coaching for the last 10 years, have enabled the journey of over 300+ Coaches and we know the pulse, the fears, and the challenges that you might be facing in pursuing your dream of becoming a Coach…

Don’t fret, don’t overthink… it's just a conversation. Click below & Register now. We will see you there.

Make the winning move! We are sure it will be a game-changer for you!

You can reach us at or at WhatsApp number +91 6362872685

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