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Greetings from Regal Unlimited
Glad to share this edition of Coach Guru, a newsletter dedicated to coaching, mentoring & leadership, and counseling & healing. MAY has been an interesting month for us, trust you had a great month too.
  • If someone advise you to ‘follow your passion’, it may be worthwhile to check out what passion really means
  • One of our favorite definitions of coaching, apart from ICF’s is, ‘coaching helps the client to move from the current state to a more resourceful state’. We like it for its for simplicity. As such can there be a possibility of ‘dangers of coaching? ’Whether you are a leader/client/stakeholder or a coach, it may be a good idea to be sensitive to the ‘dangers’
  • One of the pillars of coaching is customer centricity. As such, literally all services should be based on coaching principles? Customer centric, and also ethical?
  • We are going international. After Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc., we are launching our best in category coach training for ICF credentials in Singapore in July, 2018. It is ‘connecting dots backwards’ in some ways. For it was at INSEAD Singapore where it all started… Pls check out the video. 
  • A few updates from the members of our community, Regal Coaches. We all are on a self-awareness & self-transformation journey, along with coaching certifications, credentials. In the process we hope to heal the world. 
  • One more “World Environment Day” is behind us. The need to save the environment just got urgent & important.
Happy Reading!
World Environment Day 2018

Ocean Pollution: We're drowning marine ecosystems in trash, noise, oil, and carbon emissions. Covering more than 70 percent of our planet, oceans are among the earth's most valuable natural resources.
They govern the weather, clean the air, help feed the world, and provide a living for millions.  Read more
Following Your "Passion"? Don't!

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, trainer, freelancer, consultant, therapist, healer….? A corporate leader?
  • As entrepreneurs, we are all 'following our passion'. Aren't we?
  • Is following the passion right thing to do? Read more

 HBR: The Very Real Dangers of Executive Coaching     
 My 2 cents…
 Over the past 15 years, it has become more and more popular to hire coaches for promising executives: Not so much in this part of the world, APAC, including matured markets like Singapore, Malaysia, or big markets like India, China and the Middle East. Read more

ICF Coach Training - Depth and Flexibility, Adult learning with the best

Where will you attend the open program?
 Chennai, Hyderabad or Singapore ?

Regal Coach Certification :Unaccredited Vs Accredited- Smita R

Accredited and Unaccredited programs have a difference but having said that both can be leveraged for the betterment in terms of employment, changing one’s perception, getting closer to the new “You”.
Accredited Programs are more System and Process Oriented while Unaccredited in addition is more flexible, thus giving the learner a wider perspective.
Though organizations tend to see the accredited programs as the stronger form of assurance that applicants have had a high-quality education, this is not always necessarily the final verdict. If one is able to demonstrate the independent qualities to perform, it might not matter whether accredited/Unaccredited.
One of the best ways to leave a better impression as an unaccredited program is to be proactive about building up a supervised experience.
As a learner the take-away of the Unaccredited program can be well applied, with a lower barrier of reservations about the unaccredited program to penetrate. Because one will likely be working for experience, will have an easier time getting prospective references to give the benefit of doubt and allow to demonstrate skills with low stakes.
Choose Accredited or Unaccredited but being Proactive makes a difference. Learn with the Best and be the Best.
Choose Regal Coach Certification, Choose Bliss – “Unaccredited Gold Standard Coaching Certification”- A new batch starting in July, 2018​
For More details:
Testimonials of Our Unaccredited Program (RCC)

Regal Coaches Corner
                                                             Book Publishers 

   A Glance at the Unknown: Sometimes Answers to Life Come from Unusual Sources: 
   by Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh
   Maya: Seven Wonders of Life
   by Sidhartha Satpathy

  A Basic Concept of Civil Engineering
  by Sunder Narayan
Coacharya webinar with ​Cindy Muthukarapan

Your Signature Coaching Style

In the International Coaching week one of my favourite Speakers – Cindy Muthukarapan, Mentor Coach, spoke on Signature Coaching Style, which happens to be an important aspect for the budding Coaches, established coaches and everyone else as the learning and discovering of oneself is an ongoing process...

Coaching Style is about how you offer yourself to your client, dancing in the moment, not being judgemental, listening and often, hmmm…………… No, always have to offload your own baggage and be totally with the client.

What Contributes to your Signature Style?

Learning Style, Communication Style, Inner Passion and love for something, and an event good or not so good, sometimes it’s a “calling” you discover more about your strengths’, abilities, talents, passions (Hero’s Journey).

Ways to Help You Discover your Signature presence:

Wows there are ways to do that, as simple as talk to your trusted friends, former colleagues and understand what in “you” draws them to you and why they chose you to have a discussion. Coaching Style and Coaching Presence draws from many elements. To each his own style, Humour one of my choice
Of Coaching style can develop a good relationship between the client and the Coach.
Another very important learning is how much time and attention do you allow to honour and cultivate your own power, purpose and true potential.


Re-shape your image in an exciting organization, Create a powerful brand for yourself while remaining relevant. Shift Industries and get from one level to the next level. Develop the power and capacity to overcome the “Glass Ceiling”. Glass Ceiling can prevent one to move up the hierarchy, be it at any level.
Reflection can help in identifying your own Style and also be comfortable with what one is capable of. Let me share an experience...I have always been very shy to discuss my problems and even handle anyone else’s, happen to meet a friend who is in her career peak and at the same time undergoing some personal problem. Discussing her problems was a great challenge for me, “Glass Ceiling”. After few days she thanked me saying the discussion helped her and that she is taking up something which will balance both her career and personal requirement.
Make an impact in your heart, you are capable of ….as Cindy Muthukarapan says…..
                                                                                                                            Smita R
Regal Unlimited, Whitefield, 560067, Bangalore, India
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