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Greetings from Team Regal
How is 2019 treating you?” is a common question we ask all our clients these days. We want to anchor small wins for the clients, enable clients to reflect on the missed opportunities and make a choice as to how to spend the balance 11 months of this year, and beyond.

The approach is pure, classical coaching, the #iCFway.

We are more mindful of how January has been for ourselves. For both ups and downs, at all levels.
What is my life purpose?

This is a question that comes up, mostly indirectly, in our coaching/mentoring/healing conversations. So much so, I tend to believe a client engages a coach/mentor/healer/lightworker when s/he is ready to move closer to her/his life purpose.

How does a typical day looks at our RCC session?

2019 - Batch 1

The first RCC batch in 2019 consists of leaders from the corporate space. Experienced and successful, also keen to sharpen their leadership skills for bigger roles, handle more challenges that may come up and hence live to their potential.

Coach Training - ICF

Regal Unlimited kick started 2019 with a Mega Launch of ICF Coach Training program with a full house at Bengaluru.

With 10 more aspiring coaches choosing us to get trained/mentored and certified, #RegalCoaches fraternity is growing. We remain committed to quality, as always. We start a new batch at Chennai in March 2019.

Our first training session for ICF ACTP Coacharya program, at Bengaluru. What a beautiful journey it’s been – for Regal Unlimited as well as our participants.

Executive/Leadership Coaching

We had some updates from our executive coaching clients, ‘manifesting magic’. Coaching helps to move the client from the current state to the desired state, as the coachee defines it, and at a pace and direction, the coachee chooses. We are blessed to be a witness.

We introduced #ManifestMagic towards the end of 2018, going into 2019. Not a mere resolution, but a way of life. 

We all deserve to be regal, tapping into the unlimited potential within us...

Upcoming Events

ICF Coach Training at Chennai: It all started in Chennai… in September 2014, when we started there, which also boasts of its own ICF, Integral Coach Factory. It is still about ‘Coach’!


Speak to others as you speak to your Guru, listen to others as you listen to your Guru’,

told us our Guru in 1988, and I learned the essence of communication skills.
It has been a life long journey to put it into practice, as a corporate leader and as an entrepreneur, executive coach.

Yes, if Ted was trained to coach! If coaching was his leadership (professional & personal) skill? #coaching #mentoring #leadershipcoaching at

Regal Unlimited, Whitefield, 560067, Bangalore, India
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