Subject: Demystifying the Parent-Leader Conundrum

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Time and growing children wait for none. Your son’s eighth birthday or your daughter’s first guitar recital is never coming back. As leaders & professionals, it is easier to forego family vacations than miss deadlines at work. But be forewarned, you may be losing out on the things and people who matter the most. 

This quarter saw two very special days that celebrate parenthood - Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What feelings did these days bring for you? Joy & Satisfaction? Or Regret & Guilt? A healthy mix of the two is, well, healthy. However, if it’s the latter, maybe it’s time to pause and reflect, and read more of this edition of Coach Guru!

We shine a light on how being an active parent can not only strengthen familial bonds but also fortify your leading chops. We also discuss why many parents and leaders these days are adding coaching to their parenting/leadership style.

Read on, and do let us know whether you found our spread helpful. Bon appetit!

Is LEADING taking you away from PARENTING?

You may be missing out, not just on the personal front but on the professional front too! Your roles as a leader and parent are more closely intertwined than you think.  So being a good parent can actually make you a better leader. Read our featured article on how you can parent your way to good leadership. 

Can being a coach make you a better parent?

We all know how coaching benefits the coachee. But that’s only half the story. Becoming a coach and then practicing as one has a multidimensional impact on the coach as well. Most coaches feel they become better parents after undergoing coach training. It’s unsurprising because the ICF coaching competencies are also essential parenting skills.

Here are some sound bytes from coaches on how they grew as parents after coaching entered their lives


We are on a roll

Halfway through the year, we are celebrating the credentialing of our Coaches. Whether it is the CKA format or the new format, there is no slowing down for the Regal Learners.

Regal Showcase

Active listening is a vital skill that can help leaders, parents, and coaches can create mutually fulfilling relationships at work and home. Discover how you can add active listening to your communication skillset

This is Professional Coaching 101 for the curious, the uninitiated, and the half-initiated; and a refresher for the seasoned. We bust myths, dispel doubts and provide new insights from the coaching world.

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 Looking for a rewarding, hassle-free pathway to becoming an ICF coach? Then read on. Our interactions with aspiring coaches who came to us after having singed themselves elsewhere in their quest for an ICF coaching certification inspired us to write this piece.

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Podcasts / Audio

Your most important role is that of a parent. How can make your parenthood more rewarding and sustain your most cherished relationships for a lifetime? Tune into this Mother’s Day Special from All About Coaching to find out.

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