Subject: Coaching is Transformational that Fascinates us All!

Coaching is transformational that fascinates us all! Read more in our monthly newsletter about transformational coaching and DNA of a Coach.
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DNA of Coaches
Coaching fascinates us. Pure, classical coaching that is.Through coaching, the coachee may move from current state to a resourceful state.

Have you wondered What is the DNA of a Coach? Click here to read what are our thoughts on this topic and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Leadership Coaching for Millenials at Delhi
Regal Unlimited recently conducted a leadership coaching session for students from one of the premier B School at Delhi. The millennial could really test us, with their curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

As we went about preparing, to customize the presentation for the young audience, we got an unexpected request to spend few extra moments on Emotional Intelligence. Read here the complete story on how we introduced the subject to young minds.

Coming Next!! - From 3rd October,  every Monday 
For busy business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, self employed professionals and all enthusiasts, we have a new batch for 'Regal Coach Certification' starting from 3rd October. 

One and a half hour on every Monday from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM for 12 weeks. Join us through 

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Life Coach at Regal Unlimited

Life becomes easier when you use the same rules for others as for yourself! Why is that you can accept your weakness and flaws but want everybody around you to be perfect?

Change should begin from you! A leader leads by example. 

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