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One beautiful Spring evening, imagine you are strolling in a boardwalk. You hear voices of the birds sounding like singing, squeaks, whistles, rattles, gulps, pops, licks, croaks, whines etc. There are few birds which communicate non-vocally like beating in the air with their wings. Some bird’s communication also happens through visual displays.
These are often a combination of behaviors and the feathers on the bird’s body.
In the case of the blackbirds, the males puff up their feathers, lean forward, shrug their shoulders showing off their colorful shoulders, and exaggerates them with bold postures. They also sing out as they do this making their statement loud and clear. So, it is with many species of birds, both the visual and sound-based behaviors are used to communicate.(Courtesy)

Animals, birds or human beings know how to communicate.
Communication best happens when one networks, meet with people to exchange thoughts and ideas of common Interest. With the various platforms coming up, We at Regal explored the Meet Up. Platform to network.
UPCOMING:Regal Meet up 16th Oct:

at WeWork Galaxy, Residency Road, Bengaluru

Introduction to Coaching, pure & classical, the #ICFway. Register here.
Regal Meet up 24th Sep:

‘Everyone needs a coach’: Transformational Business coaching for entrepreneurs, professionals 

- an intro and coaching demo of the #ICFway at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on Sept 24, 2018.
Regal Meet up 19th Sep:

at @ICFHQ event at @Bengaluru

#CoachingPerspectives : Coaching for Leaders, Life
Thanks to all who could join the Meetup

Article: Coach Training Journey -“No-CC” to Mastery
Learning to coach, adding coaching skills to leadership, and incorporating elements of coaching into life…

These are all part of the journey of an aspiring, un-credentialed coach when s/he embarks on coach-training. Obtaining a credential is not the end of the journey, but a stepping stone to something bigger, grander and profound.

Testimonial: P.K.Method and Access Consciousness
“Thanks to Anjana, for showing me the path that lead to success.

I was out of job for around 10 months and in the last few interviews that I faced I reached the final stage but was not able to convert to job offer. This was going on for some time and all of us were ( Me and my family) really frustrated.

Anjana is my wife’s friend. That’s how I got in touch with her."

New Addition to Regal ACC Coach Family 
Mahesh Balani

Leadership Coach, Investor, and Entrepreneur ... with roots in running global businesses ... love cars & planes. I coach senior executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. I have successfully helped my clients define and achieve their life's goals. I am an eternal optimist..
Abhijit Bhabhe

Part of the Founding Team of Vernalis, I lead the Talent Management, Assessment & Coaching practice.

An MBA from IIM-Bangalore, I started my career with Deutsche Bank. However, the need to get personal experience with running a consulting firm, and offer hands-on support to corporate transformation, prompted me to co-found Vernalis.

Sangeeta Sumesh

Senior Finance professional with close to two decades of experience including International exposure, Big 4 experience & multinational experience across geographies.

Mentored and groomed for Board positions under the structured program of FICCI “Women on Corporate Boards”. Inducted as Independent Director in IFB Industries Ltd. since January 2015.
Quiz: How Effective is Your Leadership Style?
There are various leadership styles from Charismatic, Transactional, Laissez -faire to Hybrid. Take this quiz to find your #LeadershipQuotient Score. 

Article: Coaching is Bigger than Coaching
Coaching is much bigger than what we understand as coaching, which has shades of mentoring, training, delegating, telling, guiding, et al. For most of these are from a space of the head, mind and often transactional. Coaching got to be transformational, else it is not coaching.

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Why: I am the #Unlimited potential, waiting to find the holistic expression. To be #Regal
How: Find a coach? A trained, certified, credentialed and experienced coach, who can be your mirror, selfless-friend, cheer-leader, challenger

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Two days at #ICFconclave #Bangalore: a fascinating community of coaches, including a para gliding coach #avimalik, iron man triathlon coach #kaustubhradkar, music coach #drprakashsontakke, and cancer coach #vijaybhat. interactive sessions with Rajeev Raju on #ExecutivePresence, laser coaching with Alan Meyne, #neuroscience and coaching with Christ University, Bangalore #businessconsultingdepartment plus good conversation with Regal Unlimited team, #ICFChennaichapter, #IAFIndiaOrg #chennaifac members, new faces and great planning by #ICFBangalore chapter.
Main take aways. #Mindfulness, Don't be a hero, #recalibrate, #Trust... and #proud to be part of the #ICFcommunity