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Greetings from Regal Unlimited
Glad to share August edition of Coach Guru, a newsletter dedicated to coaching, mentoring & leadership, and counseling & healing. 
  • ‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly’, Richard Bach. We all are, on our journey from the current state to a more resourceful state. Caterpillar to Butterfly, is a great metaphor. Make a choice, a conscious choice. To be a caterpillar or a butterfly.
  • It is always a tussle between the mind and the consciousness within. We allow either to take charge, often without awareness. Like finding the right coach or mentor, finding the Guru, can be the most transformational experience. And the (real) Guru is the best coach, coaches from a state of Being.
  • Who is a coach? Someone, who has gone through the rigor of training, certification, credential and a lot of experience thereafter, with continued learning and supervision, is a real coach.
  • Coaching continues to be confused with sports coaching and other similar interventions. We now have a new sports icon, form the track & field and not cricket, in India - Hima Das.
  • What makes us unique is also #RegalCoaches, coaches who come from diverse background, all making a difference to leaders, professionals, and others. Check out our monthly update on members of our community.
  • We are committed to train and mentor more coaches with batches for ACC and PCC levels starting in Chennai, in August 2018.
  • If a coach tells you or does anything similar to prescribe, advise, suggest, ask, etc you may not be getting the best out of coaching. Coaching is never about telling, it is all about asking. The basic premise being you have all the answers within. A trained, certified, credentialed and experienced coach would not prescribe. They will challenge, but will not ask you to ‘go, get it’! Take all efforts and responsibility to find the right coach. Then the coaching engagement will be transformational. Then the coachee will move from the current state to a more resourceful state, not inside a prison, literally or figuratively :)
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Regal Coaches Corner
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2. A brilliant expression differentiating Mentoring and Coaching: By Our Regal Coach Murugan K
Upcoming Events
ICF events at Chennai & Hyderabad 
Art of Coaching - Coaching from a state of Being: PCC

I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else - Pablo Picasso

We start with the process, science, tools, and other elements of coaching. At best we are at the conscious competence. Great place to be, to move from ignorance to awareness?

We, at Regal Unlimited, offer ICF accredited Coacharya ACTP program leading to ACC, PCC. For basic info, check out.

At PCC level, it evolves into an art form. That is coaching practice from a state of Being for the coach and being 100% client-centric. It becomes a jugalbandhi, dancing with the client. These six days, we will experience that energy and move into unconscious competence. Our training is a blend of destination (credential), but also the journey (self-discovery to self-transformation)

Our ICF accredited program brings together the best of western psychology and eastern philosophy. It is one of few programs accredited by all three top coaching bodies globally, ICF, EMCC and CCE/BCC. We offer classroom sessions, for the best learning experience, facilitated by CV Subash and Priya Ramesh both PCC (ICF).

Coaches who go through our programs are part our own alumni, Regal Coaches, a vibrant community for continued learning, support and business-collaboration.

A new PCC level batch started at Chennai:
- Month 3: 10th to 12th August, 2018
- Month 4: 12th to 14th October, 2018


A New ACC level batch at Chennai
- Month 1: 31 August to 2nd September, 2018
- Month 2: 9th November to 11th November, 2018

Let's be a coach in all roles, at work and beyond. Coach from a state of Being. Learn with the best.