Subject: Coach Guru - April 2020

Coping with Covid19 - focussing on opportunities instead of challenges, digital drives, blogs, some humour, and much more!

Dear Leaders,

#Covid19 is the biggest challenge leaders face today. And how we handle this challenge will decide our legacy. This means we each have the choice to script the right legacy. As Alan Cohen, author of Spirit Means Business: The Way to Prosper Wildly without Selling Your Soul writes in his book, “We are abundant in whatever we pay attention to. The first step to upgrading your abundance is to upgrade what you are paying attention to.” Hence, what we do now for collective good will become our legacy.

While the #lockdown has redefined ‘uncertainty’ in #VUCA, there is no denying that at this stage the future looks uncertain for almost everyone. As we all take the precautions prescribed by the governments and medical fraternity for the common good, it will help us to stay focussed on the larger goals of life at a holistic level. Health, Family/Relationships, Spirituality, Hobbies are all back in focus, thanks to the lockdown.

So, while we all collectively grapple with the challenge, let’s not forget that it also presents us with a priceless opportunity. An opportunity to go within.

For the optimists, the lockdown is an opportunity to emerge stronger at all level.

Maybe as we enter the 4th week of lockdown in India, it is time to move from co-rona (crying together) to coro-na (cry not) - a little play on the words used in Hindi.

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We conducted a global webinar on ‘ICF Team Coaching – Value and Contribution One-to-Many’ on March 24th. Janet Harvey, CEO, inviteCHANGE addressed the participants regaling everyone with her wisdom and wit on Team Coaching.
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In our monthly MuseArt webinar for our alumni, we had a very interactive and informative session on how to leverage LinkedIn. The session conducted by Sagar Amlani was widely appreciated by the participants.

Friday, 13th need not be a a cause of fear. Inspire of the corona virus scare. Fear can be cause for the virus attack. Be fearless, take precautions.
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Go Digital. Be Safe. In keeping with this, we converted the on-going ICF Coach Training sessions from classroom to online. While it is outside of the comfort zone of classroom facilitation, it’s a notable beginning nonetheless.

Nourish the Team’s Soil for Soaring
Team coaching is potent process through which teams remember, restore and sustain their collective wisdom and strengths to deliver on the shared team purpose. Teams and the organisations they contribute to are all too often seduced by the task of things and our well-worn habits to react to daily requests and forget to focus on the day to day experience of teaming.

Teaming allows everyone to share the burden, seek and gain understanding for the work they are authored to produce and enthusiastically accept responsibility for and of being together. Teaming agreements are an essential component of a team’s success. By missing this vital consideration teams often fall into politics and drama and get stuck. Read full blog here..

Janet M. Harvey
CEO inviteCHANGE ICF Master Certified Coach, Accredited Coaching Supervisor, Coaching Supervision Academy, Certified Mentor Coach, inviteCHANGE & ICF

COACHING TEAMS – Creating magic with the teams
Having ‘Individual Excellence’ and ‘Collective Brilliance’ at the same time amongst the top management team is a dream of every business Leader. The exciting fact is that it’s possible! We often see Business Unit heads / the top management team members / the functional heads in organisations display Individual Excellence (excellence of their respective teams included);

yet the ‘Collective Brilliance’, working seamlessly as a team, largely appear to be missing. At this level, the experiences show 2+2 adding to less than 4, though the business objective is to take it above 4! How a business could accomplish Individual Excellence and Collective Brilliance at the same time?

How would that impact their business performance and profits?

Coaching Teams provides a solution. This could be used effectively to take businesses to the next level. Team Coaching comes in different types, shapes and shades; For a context described above, a team coaching intervention inter-laced with individual coaching could bring about magic! Read full blog here.

PK Narayanan
CEO Coach


‘A Healing Approach to Living’ was jointly conducted by Regal’s certified practicing healers, Anjana and Subash at the behest of ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter

These are extraordinary times and a lot of people are worried about contracting the Corona virus. Given this context, Anjana and Subash after a brief introduction to healing shared techniques for self-healing to the audience.

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We are making the big move to go digital this month! The planned classroom session for ICF Coach Training for the weekend of 18th & 19th April would be offered fully online.

ICF CoachTraining: Online/Live

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Team Regal Unlimited