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Dear Friends,
Great to re-connect. (We seem to be settling down to a quarterly frequency)

'Coaching' is in news for various reasons. Anil Kumble, P Gopichand, Zidane, to name a few.

• Zidane has made a smooth transition from a great player to a great coach.
• Gopichand has taken Badminton to the next level, not very far from the peak. His academy in Hyderabad, where we launched our programs recently, is churning out a few Badminton greats. Sports lovers are asking if Badminton will replace cricket in India. That is huge!
• Kumble, one of the game's greatest, had a different experience.

Training, mentoring, classical coaching, etc all have relevance in the modern game. Sports coaches will benefit by having a deeper understanding of these concepts & practices. #InnerGame is more relevant!

#RegalCoaches - We are glad to announce the soft-launch of #RegalCoaches, a group of 60 plus coaches who have gone through our coach-training programs. They come from diverse background, but all connected by a single purpose, to make a difference. 

ICF Programs, 3rd Anniversary: We start a new batch in Chennai in July, and thus begin the countdown to the 3rd-anniversary celebrations of our ICF programs. We made a soft launch in Hyderabad last month. 'We make great coaches, we make coaching great for you'.

Leadership/Executive, Life & Business Coaching remain our key focus area. Both 1-1 and for teams/organizations. We have been recently engaged by some big names in corporate space for leadership coaching. Hope to share some insights in future editions of Coach Guru.

Coaching Fraternity: We support ICF ICW2017, Coacharya Coaching Colloquium, and WBECS. We are working with 'alternate channels' to borrow an expression from sales, to create opportunities for coaches. We remain committed to quality and client's interests.

Request your feedback to make this initiative more relevant & interesting to you. Happy Reading!

Team - Regal

Vulnerability in Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership & Life
Handling emotions is key to coaching/mentoring, and also leadership. Or just life!
Being authentic, vulnerable is key coaching/mentoring at the mastery level. It is from that space the coach can create trust, a key coaching competency. When the trust is created,
  • listening is active
  • questions are powerful
  • communication is direct, all ICF coaching competencies, and for the client, of course. The coach is not there, only the client.
Coaching Scenario: A client shared... Click to read more.

COACHSUTRA #1: A Coach's Role
Yesterday the first call in the morning was from a client (now a friend). He reached out literally out of the blue, ‘for a quick chat’. We were connecting after nearly a year.
He was referred to me by a dear friend, a fellow-coach. We had a coaching-engagement, spread over a few months. He stopped at the end of the planned duration, six months.

Here is the summary of his updates:
  • I ran two marathons recently. He was a marathon-runner. He just got more disciplined now, comparatively.
  • I started my Yoga classes, and is on track, and very regular. He wanted to add yoga to his list of actions, to support running and to derive other benefits.
Coach Training for ICF Credentials
We started training/facilitating and mentoring aspiring coaches in September, 2014. 

It is almost 3 years. How time flies..
We have had participants from Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore…
We trained over 60 coaches, and 25 of them are PCC (ICF). We continue to learn…

We create great coaches, you make coaching great!

The focus has been on quality, and not mere numbers! It has been a beautiful experience for all of us

Quantum Touch Healing
Regal Unlimited operates at the confluence of Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, and Healing. 

This is one of the unique features of Regal Unlimited.Glad to share, we have added ‘Quantum Touch‘ to our 
list of healing methodologies.
Quantum-Touch Healing Is Useful In:
  1. Acceleration of the healing process
  2. Transformation of body structure
  3. Movement of bones into correct alignment
  4. Excellent results with babies and animals
  5. Inflammation due to injury is rapidly reduced
  6. Emotional and psychological conditions respond well to Quantum-Touch
  7. Induction of sleep and deep meditation
To schedule a Quantum Touch session, please write to

Choose to be Healed… Choose Bliss.


Regal Unlimited, Whitefield, 560067, Bangalore, India
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