Subject: Bring an orbit-shift in your Agile Leadership – Here's how others are doing it!h journey

Dear Aspiring Coach

We have been receiving fair attention from both the Indian & Global Agile Community wanting to add ICF Coaching Credential to their professional testament, to effectively lead change, drive innovation & spearhead transformation at all levels of Leadership.


 If one wants to truly implement Agile, it has to transcend beyond being a fancy term & become a way of living & a thriving part of a company’s culture.


This is possible only when individuals & teams cultivate an agile mindset on a habitual & personal level.


Adding ICF Coach Certification helps in a powerful personal transformation which further aids in facilitating & inspiring transformation at a team & organizational level.

Are you an Agile professional & curious about how ICF Coach Certification can enhance your professional journey??

Attend our free upcoming webinar, exclusive for the Agile experts - to explore the difference we are making in the agile world through ICF Coach training & how you can benefit from taking this path.

Our new batch for ICF Coach training commences on 16th April 2022. Be a part of this global cohort. Simply reply to this email and we will get in touch with you.


On Continuous learning & learning beyond the classroom


We have kickstarted a first-of-its-kind program – “Coaching Unlimited” with selected accomplished & ICF Credentialed coaches, to deep dive into Coaching Practices at a Mastery level. The 4-day intensive is at the serene Yelagiri hills in the very lap of Nature. 

This Programme is aimed to cater to the many needs of a practicing coach like – Revisiting ICF Core Competencies, gaining 20 CCE Units for Credential Renewal, Practical Case studies, Coach Supervision, Practice at Mastery level, Networking with Coaches beyond their Circle & also to pause, self-reflect, get grounded – which is facilitated by the scenic hills & to come back more effectively as a Coaching Professional.

Interested to know about upcoming “Coaching Unlimited” dates, write to us at


Team Regal.