Subject: “Being Independent is a way of being Regal"

“Being Independent is a way of being Regal”
Wishing everyone a happy month of Independence.
Independence is not just a country’s freedom, it is a state of mind every individual needs to perceive. Often that is not the choice that we make within. 

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” ― Bob Marley

Independence is the theme of this edition of “Coach Guru”. 
Being Independent: Subash CV

      I looked up for the meaning of independence:
  • Not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.;
  • thinking or acting for oneself.
  • not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction;
  • autonomous;
  • free 
Once in a way it is good to look-up for meaning and synonyms considering the interesting times we live in.

It can mean much deeper, for some of us. 

Personally, it has meant different things to me at different stages of my life. It was a holiday, but with assembly and programs at school, with some toffees at the end of it. Then it assumed a new meaning, as an NCC cadet. Out of school, it was about being independent, in career. Hence skipped defence services as a possible career option, to pursue a career in the private sector. Into my first job, very soon I realized independence had nothing to do with career. Into my 4th year at work, a leadership role at work and marriage, a friend introduced me to financial independence! That resonated a lot at that point of time. Moving out of country, coming back, taking up entrepreneurial role, learning to coach and mentor, and working with leaders, have all helped me understand independence better. 

On 14th and 15th Aug, I was at one of the NGO’s I am associated with, for coaching & mentoring their staff, teachers/lecturers and students there.

Being Independent… It is not merely a state of mind. It is the action from that state of mind. Is n’t that leadership, personal & professional? 

What does independence mean to you? 
Coaching Perspectives at Hyderabad:
“Coaching perspectives” at Hyderabad helped many minds open up to what coaching is all about and the magic it creates in every individual."

  • A great evening with Agile, Tech professionals, and a few aspiring professional coaches
  •  We discussed what is coaching, coaching vs mentoring/sports, coaching competencies, coach training.
  •  Also the need for self-work, continued learning for coaches, leaders
  •  A demo session by Subash CV, MCC (ICF) with Shanthi was the highlight. The group got a taste of the process, science & art of coaching. Thereafter debriefing is the session, Q & A on the demo, process, art of coaching.
  • -On the sidelines, we also discussed how philosophy/spirituality is also close to coaching with examples from our mythology
Thanks Nanda & team for the experience Dheeraj Mallemala
Induction to Ist year BE students

A great initiative to equip the future engineers with leadership. The Future of Leadership is at all levels. 

This engineering college already has ‘Leadership & Excellence’ as their tagline.


Event: “Regal Coach Certification” @Hyderabad

We start a new journey... taking  Regal Coach Certification RCC from virtual/live to the classroom.

The first program is planned at Hyderabad, on 7th & 8th, followed with a few virtual/live sessions.
We will be coming to other cities, and also continuing our virtual/live programs.
Facilitated by Subash CV, INSEAD (Leadership), MCC (ICF), SP (EMCC)
Add coaching to your leadership, life.

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts ― Albert Einstein
Event: “Coaching Perspectives” @Pune

You want to become a coach? A good question is to ask yourself, “why?”
If it is to make a quick fortune, get recognition, or to become an entrepreneur/self-employed professional, then coaching may not be the right choice. Don’t become a coach if you have problems at work - bad team/boss/company/industry, or facing midlife crisis!
Become a coach to make an impact, contribution. Only if it is your inner calling.
Then get trained and gain some experience.
This is a marathon, not a sprint.

At Pune, on 14th September, at Radisson Blu. Registration details follows. 

Blog by Mr. Kannan S, PCC (ICF) - an esteemed member of our alumni community, Regal Coaches

Dependence to Independence
How I felt as a client?

When I look back at the last 10 odd years of my life, there have been significant shifts in my outlook and way of thinking. In comparison with this, the previous 20 odd years in my working life now seem little slow paced in terms of changes, both within me as well as in my environment. When everything seemed to go in a comfortable pace, you don’t realize that there is a need for change.

Not that I was lazy. I did switch my jobs to three different organizations, two locations and five different businesses. I had grown from an individual contributor in the beginning of the career to a leadership role involving business and people...
“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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