Subject: Are you doing what matters the most to you as an Executive?

Dear Leader,

You have spent 10 - 15 years on an exciting, all-consuming corporate voyage doing all that matters for your company, your employees, and your profession. But

Are you doing what matters the most to YOU ?

If the answer is NO, then it is time to revisit how you have organized your life’s schedule!

According to Jean Francois Cousin, most leaders prioritize health first, followed by family, on paper. But reality bites quite another way, leading to a number of issues.

A Forbes article revealed that most leaders who sacrifice their basic needs and rights end up feeling more physically, mentally, and emotionally vulnerable. Is this your story too? Then ask yourself two simple questions.

Do I want to get back to doing what matters the most to me?

Am I willing to do something about it?

If the answers are yes, then you are ready to break out of your current pattern to create a wholesome, meaningful life. Bravo!


Not sure how to go about it? Executive coaching can give you a nudge in the right direction. Executive coaching helps blend personal and professional lives without compromising on either. It empowers leaders to think anew and alter behavioral patterns that are not in resonance with their choices.

Watch this video to understand how executive coaching can help you

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We look at the person and the professional with a balanced lens and thus give importance to both. In fact, they synergistically complement and trigger one another to create a cascade effect that can be magically transformative. The RoI of executive coaching is, therefore, immense.

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Happy Leading,

Team Regal