Subject: A day in life of a mentor coach!


Yesterday (22nd Feb), I received a call from a friend, early in the morning. He called to share an important milestone in his professional career. He is a coach, having gone through our ICF Approved Coach training programs.

During the day, attended a Facebook live with one of the gurus in coaching, Dr Marshall Goldsmith. His session, hosted by People Matters, was aptly titled, ‘Who is a Coach?’ This is an eternal question for all coaches,including the aspiring ones. Quite like ‘Who Am I?’

1. He said he worked primarily in the behavior space, not in technical areas.

2. He helps those who want to change. He reminded, he is no Jesus. 

3. It’s not about you (the coach), but about the coachee. 

4. ‘I am paid for results, not for wasting time’.
5. What is most important in life? “how many…” questions.

6. “Did I do my best…” questions.

7. It is ok to seek help for ourselves.

In a short chat, he covered so much!

Check out:

Later in the evening, attended a webinar hosted by our own ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter with Karen Cappello, MCC. Her topic was “7 Steps to building a cash-flowing coaching business”. She shared insights about coaching business/practice. It was like #7 in Dr Marshall’s list above.

• She shared 7 steps. Also a lot of other related stuff. 

• She covered some myths (‘starting a business has to be hard’. ‘Work can’t be fun’).

• ‘Potential clients have baggage too’!

• She suggested we claim our expertise & experience, design based on ROI not hourly rate (like #4 of Marshall’s list).

• Sales Vs Marketing in coaching business

• She shared what are the three lucrative segments, and also 4 powerful niche-categories in coaching. 

• ICF tools

She combined cash flow with spirituality in a very powerful way. No duality!

Made some notes. I intend to discuss both topics during our forthcoming sessions, at Hyderabad and Chennai.

What is your niche? How are you going to do great stuff & be very successful. ICF Coach certification could be the starting step.

Sessions are on 4th & 5th March, at Hyderabad. Few seats left.

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