Subject: Coach Guru : To be Regal, Begin with Regal

“To be Regal, Begin with Regal”
 Guru Purnima A traditional yet contemporary ritual

Big hello to all the young minds reading “Coach Guru”

Let’s celebrate this month of “Guru Purnima” as a tribute to our gurus who has and been enlightening us to keep our mind young and healthy.

“Mind which is enlightened stays young forever”

Guru refers to spiritual guide who enlighten disciples by his knowledge and teachings. All of us are gurus to one or the other. Knowingly or Unknowingly at some instances we would have helped someone open their third eye. So, lets respect one other and together celebrate this day!!.

Every Guru is a Coach. Every coach has the opportunity to be a Guru. It maybe a life-long journey, worth it. 

Story of the month: Hyderabad was witness to a meet up hosted by LinkedinLocalHyderabad, on coaching, “Coaching Perspectives”. It is our humble effort to spread awareness about coaching, pure & classical.
Grateful to Local Hyderabad Sagar Amlani & team, for providing the platform.

All credit to Mahesh Balani (ACC) who was the director, who planned everything so well, and also provided for flexibility, in discussion with Sagar. Of course fellow coaches Moushumi Gupta, Sunil Kshatri - Leadership Coach, Shanthi Parupudi & Rajeev Menon. Thanks to Ragini Chaudhary & Manikandan Narasimhan, who shared their journey. Nanda Lankalapalli who rushed from his workshop to spend some time with us all. 

Most importantly, the audience. The beautiful experience for all of us was the manifestation of the collective energy. We were blessed to play a small part.

Let us all continue to #ManifestMagic.

We coach leaders and mentor coaches the #iCFway
“Coaching Perspectives” at CurioPlay, Chennai:

“Subash was magical” one of the participants, who experienced coaching demo with Subash.

Coaching, coach training, healing at @RegalUnlimited are all journey from head to heart. The heart knows, it is not cluttered or cognitive like the head/mind coming from the ego. Learn to listen to your heart, #beRegal

We coach & mentor the #iCFway.


Have you noticed?

The same post invokes different emotions in different people. Some feel sad, some laugh, some get angry. Some love the same post.
That's how the mind works, according to one’s conditioning!

Can we just be a witness, non-judgemental, like a clean mirror?


Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) Program for leaders, professionals, coaches at Hyderabad

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We are launching our Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) program 
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Classroom sessions at Hyderabad, India. 

On 3rd August and 7th September (both Saturdays)
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You will be able to add coaching to your work, leadership and life. There will be practice sessions, role plays. You will also receive a RCC coach training completion certificate. 

This is an UnAccredited coach training program, but based on ICF coaching competencies. This is a foundation program, to introduce the learner to the coaching approach to leadership & life. 

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Two of our coaches have recently published books, many more on the way…
My first attempt at writing - a book on Leadership Skills. 

Kindly circulate it to your friends groups who may be interested in it. #book #leadershipskills.

One of the members of a coach is not only a CEO Coach, but also a traveler and an avid photographer. 


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