Subject: Join me for an exciting upcoming webinar

Hello & Happy Holidays,

Join me for the exciting upcoming webinar I'm honored to be teaching with my friend and colleague, Maggie Phillips Looking Through the Kaleidoscope of Life: Reawakening the Resilient Child Within, Tuesday, December 13th, from 9 am – 10:30 am Pacific time. This is going to be a very special time where you will be able to view the webinar and ask questions at the end. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, detailed information for the ways you can participate is in the flyer below.

If you don’t know Maggie, I’d like to introduce you to her. Maggie is an accomplished author, presenter, and Ericksonian therapist specializing in the treatment of emotional and physical pain, as well as how to work with multiple levels of trauma. Go to her website and learn more about the influential work Maggie has offered our field

Most of all, my intention is for you to enjoy our presentation and find the material creative, transformative and beneficial. Looking forward a rewarding time with all of you,
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Join us... 


For December, our Best Practices theme is the Ericksonian Approach to Therapy. Dr. Joyce Mills starts us off with a webinar on Looking Through the Kaleidoscope of Life: Reawakening the Resilient Child Within. This event will be held on Tuesday, December 13, from 9 am -10:30 am Pacific. Don't worry if you cannot clear your calendar; your registration fee includes full video replay and audio download plus study guide, edited transcript, and an opportunity to add CEs and upgrade to receive DVD and CDs delivered to your door. Go here to sign up now.


For those of you who don't know Joyce, she is a highly effective Child and Play Therapist who has received awards for "lifelong work and outstanding contributions" to the field of multicultural hypnotherapy as well as to Child and Play Therapy (find more here). She is also the author of seven books including Therapeutic Metaphors for Children and the Child Within.


In this webinar you will learn:                            

  • How Ericksonian principles and indigenous teachings can be used to identify any child or adolescent's gifts;
  • How her resiliency-focused, transformative model of StoryPlay™ uses the power of therapeutic storytelling, metaphors and play to draw out the natural inner resources and strengths of each child, adolescent, and adult of family member;
  • How to create conversational engagement and attunement;
  • Interspersed suggestions in therapeutic play;
  • Types of metaphors to effect positive change;
  • Recognizing and using the "out of conscious" sensory system;
  • Story Crafts: Creative activities that facilitate natural healing

Joyce's StoryPlay™ model can be applied in a variety of settings: Individual, family, group, classroom, and hospital and can be used effectively with special populations and clinical situations, such as natural and man-made disasters, PTSD, abuse, attachment, ADHD, sensory disregulation, and grief and loss.


If you work with children, adolescents, adults and/or families, this webinar will offer special gifts to you. Please join us by registering here.


Our warmest wishes,

Maggie & Joyce